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  1. It just so happens that I saw a long queue for this exhibition yesterday.

    Although it is doubtful to me that most of them were standing out of research interest, and not to tickle nerves, I do not see any “curtsey of tolerance” or “mass schizophrenia”in the desire to tickle nerves. It's just a new kunstkamera. The traditions of kunstkamera, circus freaks and the like are many centuries old.

    Mass schizophrenia is when people are ready to link anything with tolerance. Let's use the words for their intended purpose, and not push them anywhere.

  2. What does tolerance and schizophrenia have to do with it? If you don't like the exhibition, just say so and don't go there. Why come up with all this nonsense?

    Is it schizophrenia or thanatophobia?: -)

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