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  1. Fauvism can be considered the very first avant-garde style of the twentieth century. This trend lasted only a couple of years and dates back to 1905. Then the representatives of this direction went deeper into creative search. From French, the word fauve translates as “wild”.

    A characteristic technique of Fauvism is the generalization of space, volume and pattern, reducing the form to simple outlines, the disappearance of chiaroscuro and linear perspective. Flashy and bright colors fascinate, simplified shapes bring you back to your roots, and the lack of linear perspective becomes the beginning.

    This name was assigned to a group of artists who presented their canvases at the autumn salon of 1905. Art criticLouis Voxel called their paintings “an orgy of flowers”, and the painters themselves were called “wild animals”. And this statement is fixed in this direction.

    The most striking and central representatives of this style are calledHenri Matisse, Andre Derain andMaurice de Vlaminck.

    “Parrot Tulips” by Henri Matisse

    “Boats in the port of Collioure”, Andre Derain

    “Nude on the Sofa” by Maurice de Vlaminck

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