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  1. Touching (directly touching) each other is strictly forbidden to everyone. These are the rules of the game in our universe.
    Material bodies are not allowed to touch each other directly, since they consist of elementary particles in quantum states (nuclei, atoms, molecules) with indeterminate sizes and indeterminate localization in space, the framework of which is given by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

    There is no void in the universe. All space is filled with nuclear, electromagnetic, weak fields and gravitational waves. All interactions of particles and fields with each other in the Universe are carried out only in exchange, involving the corresponding virtual vacuum quantum fields. Simply put, you are for me — I am for you, and the currency is virtual particles and fields that are born out of the vacuum and absorbed by the vacuum.

    Touching (touching, feeling, licking, biting) any object, we get only a virtual response from the vacuum, and the response itself is caused by fields (mainly electromagnetic) of interacting objects (atoms of the hand, lips, teeth, light from the stars). Moreover, when your blood flows through your arteries, no atom in your blood composition directly touches other atoms in the blood or even atoms in the composition of the artery walls. Vibrating and rotating, with frequencies of hundreds of billions of vibrations and revolutions per second, exchanging virtual fields and particles (impulses), they move in a single stream, performing the function of blood.�

    This sounds strange, but it seems that this is the case.

  2. All quantum fields are potential fields, perhaps they are paired to the Higgs field (or maybe some other field), just as a magnetic field is paired to an electric field, as a result of which a new essence of the electromagnetic field arises – a photon, which is a quantum of this electromagnetic field, not electric, not magnetic separately, but electromagnetic, i.e. there must be a contradiction that is resolved in the form of a photon – quantum.

    Thus, the field itself is not matter, but only a property of matter, the potential shows only the level of potential energy possessed by some particle that creates this field, for example, an electric charge creates a potential electric field, and mass creates a potential gravitational field.

    But for the existence of a quantum, a paired field must exist. Only then can the contradiction be resolved (when one field is transformed into another paired field), and if there is no contradiction, then there is no resolution, i.e., there is no quantum.

    Matter is the quanta of fields, and not the fields themselves. For the existence of quanta, a pair field is necessarily necessary.

    Thus, if the Higgs bason is a quantum of the Higgs field, then there must be a pair field. The same goes for other quantum fields and other quanta. Including the gravitational field, if you do not find a field that is paired with the gravitational field, then there is nothing to think about gravitons-quanta of the gravitational field.

    Moreover, if one field is real, i.e. it has a charge (a quantum number), then the other must be imaginary, i.e. it does not have a charge, a quantum number, by analogy with a magnetic field, and you do not need to look for quantum “calorific” – there are none.

    As for the possibility of feeling the universe, it is true that we do it every moment, and the universe does it every moment – this is how the universal law of reflection manifests itself.

    One material body leaves a mutual trace on another material object, so entities are born, and all the rest is idealism and denial not only of the primacy of matter, but also of matter itself.

    Matter appears to us only in the form of entities, i.e. in the form of some interaction. No interaction – no matter and nothing to touch.

  3. You can, but not for us. Our three-dimensional universe is closed and represents a particle of matter in multidimensional space. Gravity supposedly requires 11 dimensions to exist. In our universe, there are 2 types of matter – particles of matter ( two-dimensional matter) and quanta of fields (one-dimensional manifolds, like rings). Other types of matter do not fit in the three-dimensional space, and in multidimensional spaces there are other types of matter. How an electron-positron pair can appear from two photons – similarly, our universe could appear from another, perhaps even with a different dimension of space. There is also a system of infinite dimension – and this is not just an empty Hilbert space – it is an infinitely complex device, God. It is both finite (if we mean three-dimensional) and infinite (of infinite dimension) I wrote an article on Zen on this topic…

  4. An atom is not a huge amount of void. The space of an atom is filled with matter, which can be emitted in the form of a photon, and in which incoming photons are dissolved. The energy of the body is the energy of this matter. This matter can be observed as a magnetic flux in the solenoid, between the poles of the magnet, and electromagnetic waves (photons) are made up of it.

  5. And it is no more difficult than to be aware of what is intentionally presented in distortion precisely through our Ego and MIND consciousnesses, as well as all the tape is tighter through pink eyes – filters of consciousnesses.Where is the tape of everything(and if it is), and where are your atoms in the filters for consciousness. So tell yourself when you see yourself in the mirror, where are you real in the mirror or who is looking in it? By consciousness and knowledge.

  6. “What a mess your “Generally recognized” scientific rot of pseudoscience of the 21st century has surfaced. In the last century, true basic science was banned from the Untouchable Elite, in order to maintain an outdated oil and gas economy. The Nobel Prize turned into the Nobel Prize. The Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, since 1968, has banned by decree-decree all publications discrediting the stupid theory without an energetic vacuum cosmos. Read about it on the website: Scientific work. The world of the Ecumene. It contains everything about the WORLD around us, from primary Energy-a particle of matter, to Supermind-GOD. / Nikolay/. Antarctica, during the change of geographical poles in planetary disasters, visited various climatic zones. How soon, in 2042, will London or Washington claim the South pole? (from where icebergs will break off). � / Nikolay/. Nostradamus climbed through the door into a mock-up egg, went to the Cosmic Internet of the Ecumene, and wrote his predictions. � / Nikolay/. What fool came up with a GOD particle? Highlight his email address. Proven in the 20th century. БОГ GOD is Supermind, objective reality, in mathematical language!”. � / Nikolay/.

  7. You can touch the Universe, since the verb “touch” exists in our language, and we do this perfectly every second.., because everything that surrounds us is the elements of the Universe. We touch it (the elements, that is) from the inside, and maybe from the outside, because no one has a clear understanding of what the form of the Universe is, this is a multi-species formation, or not…

  8. Since everything, including my cat, is part of the universe, in fact, stroking the cat, we stroke the universe. And, for the same reason, if a cat purrs, then the universe purrs too. The fact that the cat is made up of atoms, and we stroke the atoms of the cat, is irrelevant.

  9. Can. We all do this all the time. We are all part of the universe, we are inside it. Touch yourself and you will touch the universe.�

    And so, to touch it from the outside…To touch the universe, you need to have something external, so that this external can touch

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