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  1. What is important is their connection and its quality, as well as the time when these connections appeared in the story. It is worth looking at internationally recognized human creations (yes, the same iPhone), where form and function achieve a high degree of harmony and balance – there is no excess/drawbacks in form, no excess/drawbacks in function. I think that depending on the sphere of human life, then the form (for example, in engineering), then the function (for example, in art) obey each other. At the same time, the importance of these two components is equal – one cannot exist without the other.

  2. Of course the function. An object that is optimal in function will have the optimal shape (almost always the only one). And, by the way, it will be for this reason harmonious aka beautiful.

    On the other hand, a form without a function does not make sense, a striking example is the cargo cult.

  3. I'm not sure if this will be an answer, but I still remembered a few quotes:

    1) “An ugly car will not fly” (c) aircraft designer Tupolev

    2) The leader of Chaifa Shahrin once said that the guitar should be beautiful in order to play pleasantly

    3) The poet Sasha Cherny:

    Some people shout: “What is the form? It's nothing!

    When to pour slurry into the crystal —

    Won't the crystal become immeasurably lower?”

    Others say, ” You fools!

    And the best wine in the night jar

    Decent people won't drink.”

    They can't solve the dispute… What a pity!

    After all, you can pour… wine in crystal.

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