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  1. Maybe yes, maybe no. Very much depends on many related things. The fact itself does not say much about anything, only in context.

    So if you have any doubts, it's better to see a live therapist for an appointment, offline or on Skype.

  2. I've always wondered:

    Why live if after death you don't care, everything that you did no longer made sense, your feelings and emotions were sucked into the sink with a squish, and your old thoughts disappeared into steam. Why all this? With Rodney – ” why make the bed if I'm going to go back to bed in the evening anyway?” And if you don't care at the end, then what's the point of the path itself, if it can be reduced to a minimum? No one could answer this question to me, and then I accidentally got to the temple, where I talked with the sage and he showed me God. That's when I was reborn.

    I'm kidding.

    I was able to answer it three years later.

    You live in this world for small and big joys, for happiness and love, for sex and enrichment, for anger and sadness, for laughter and tears, for a million other emotions. Of course, you can go astray, but what if you can no longer taste the fruit of life? What if this is your only chance? And then the void. Why go straight to the void? Give yourself a chance to be happy. Or go to eternal sleep.

    Watch the movie:

    Where do dreams lead?

    Maybe even read a book

    For three years, I lived with one thought-to die sooner. Too much resentment and anger at yourself has accumulated, but only when you forgive yourself for all your actions and forgive others-you will be able to start living anew. Find yourself and everything will pass.

    Thoughts of suicide are quite normal, as this is usually the simplest solution to all problems that comes to your brain, but this is by no means the case.

  3. Since questions with such topics are asked daily on this site, it turns out that this is the norm, and you are almost like everyone else!�

    But the admins are sympathetic, do not refer such questions to duplicates (with subsequent deletion) – make them a curtsy!

    Read, by the way, the answers on the topic – here is written (including for you) for many days of reading.

    You can see how many classes you have! And you're suicidal….

  4. When you fly from a skyscraper, you realize that the only unsolvable problem in your life is only that you are already flying.Therefore,before you take such a serious step, think about what you are giving up.After all, even seeing the sunrise in the morning is a piece of happiness.

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