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  1. I wonder how many times people ask this… your grades, young lady, will never ever be seen.

    well, maybe the institute will open once, although now it's still Filkin's diploma because it decides the Unified State Exam.

    And.. yes.. you will put your school certificate on the shelf and open it just to show it to your children. At least I haven't used it once in my 28 years.

    Diploma of the Institute… Also, �will not worry anyone. because you will be tested either in practice or on the recommendation of someone.
    And they'll take your diploma, blow the dust off it, and put it in the HR department.
    and it costs 3 or 5 – no one cares and the salary does not depend on it.
    Frankly, for the rest of your life, everyone will be interested in only one question – can you cope with the assigned task or not.

    And grades are not an indicator. no one cares what you might have done 5 or 10 years ago. it is important that now)

  2. Only when applying to a college or university, including on a budget. After graduation, employers will be more concerned with the ability to perform practical tasks.

    We can say that a diploma / certificate is an indicator of the ability to be on the wave of the educational process.

    So you should worry about school grades only when there is nothing to pay for tuition/it is impossible to enroll in the desired prestigious institution/you can see scumbags-fellow students on the horizon.

  3. Rather, the assessment system is needed to encourage students and organize the learning process. Despite all its shortcomings, it has been working for at least a long time, although there are other training methods. Grades in later life outside the educational system do not play any role-real knowledge and skills are more important. So yab wasn't nervous about it.

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