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  1. The bottom line is that in the process of globalization, people from all countries, completely different nations and beliefs begin to interact with each other to a large extent. This is not only economic and political cooperation, but also just communication (for example, using the Internet, where you can communicate with people from different countries).�

    According to legend, during the construction of the Tower of Babel, there were no differences in culture and language between people at all.�

    It is the same in the process of globalization. We are beginning to learn more about the characteristics of other nations and States. This includes Westernization, for example (when the American way of life and culture is being translated) to non-Western societies.

    In short, globalization is supposed to smooth out cultural differences. But this is very controversial. There is also an opinion that globalization gave rise to regionalization, when individual states and regions still develop their identity (either because they did not fit Western culture, or simply not to be like them).

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