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  1. Oh, hey! I used to have this very often, replacing deja vu. There were things that happened when I was 24, but I dreamed at my desk at school and I thought that well, this is definitely a dream, because such nonsense in my life can not be (maybe). What is typical for me, it has always been a situation that well, just do not predict and do not come up with. And if people have deja vu just like that, for no reason, then I always remember the dream in which I saw it. Some of them were even written down in notes when I learned to guess what nonsense might come to life. I still don't know what it is, unfortunately. People rarely encounter anything like this. I only know one other girl who has had this happen. Magic definitely doesn't exist (I checked for too long), so I won't give any magical interpretations. My near-scientific assumption is that everything has already happened, and the brain in the sleep state can perceive what is happening in the future. The brain in a dream is generally a separate riddle of humanity.

  2. Of course, they are also called anticipatory dreams. Remember that our brain lives in front of us and builds hypothetical models of what can happen, and often these models (scenes) are carried out in “real” life

  3. I have such dreams very often. If earlier I could interpret them (albeit with a big stretch) as the work of the subconscious mind, which simply guessed the possible outcome of events, then about four years ago I had a dream that greatly puzzled me. I saw in a dream a man I met a few days later. This person said the same thing to me in my dream as he did in real life. I do not believe that the subconscious mind could guess the person and his words. After this dream, I had a number of unanswered questions, including the question of the existence of free will.

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