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  1. You're absolutely right. Some anonymous kids ask stupid questions. They talk about hating other people's opinions and then immediately express it in relation to racism and sexism, and these are also other people's opinions. At the same time, they don't want to put up with anything, but they probably expect patience for themselves. They've had enough of it, poor things, like they're ninety years old, they've worked in the lumber yard all their lives, and they've been through a couple of wars, so all you have to do is mumble like seniors about where the world is going. Yes, all the same-in infantile insanity.

  2. The world can manifest itself in different guises. It can frighten, add boredom, weaken.

    But it can also be a playground, a platform for the evolution of the soul!

    How to do it right, it is difficult to leave the path of sacrifice right away, you need to exhaust this path; the cure is to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life and actions aimed at changing the situation.

  3. The world cannot be sad and depressing, because it is impossible to know the whole world.

    Each of us has our own worldview and each of us has our own subjective understanding of the world. Therefore, your point of view is upsetting and depressing. Look at the world from a different angle, change your point of view and it may seem completely different to you.

  4. I am saddened and saddened by my own wrong actions and words, which can no longer be corrected. I have to endure it. If I have answered the question clearly enough, then I have a counter-question. Why is it necessary to move somewhere, even in the plural? Or explain what you mean in general.

  5. Of course, especially in a pandemic, it visits me more often when I see that people are not able to comply with basic safety rules. But I want to continue living for my own happiness and enjoyment.

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