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  1. I have such dreams several dozen times a year (sometimes more often, sometimes less often).

    At first, as soon as I became aware of myself in the dream, the dream began to shake and dissipate – I woke up.

    Then gradually I learned to concentrate on keeping this state, because it was interesting.

    A few years later, I had a dream that I realized and was able to hold it for a long time and decided in this dream to get into the area in which I had never been in reality (it was a neighboring house and what was behind the door I did not know), as a result, when I was able to open the door to an unknown area, a strong noise appeared, I was afraid and the dream turned into boiling darkness, I felt that someone was nearby, in the darkness, and “He” was nearby, but I could not move, So my first sleep paralysis happened))). In the last few years, when I fall out of sleep into sleep paralysis(this is extremely rare), I forcibly pull myself out of it, but this is very difficult, a lot of strong-willed effort.

    Now I can choose dreams when I fall asleep automatically, first I hear a dream and feel it, if I don't like the situation, I switch to the next one by influencing the perception systems (you can turn around and feel tactile changes in the position and relief of the bed under you, you can touch something and feel it too, or just open and close your eyes,

    Basically, in such dreams, I review some old dreams and try to change their course at different moments by taking different actions.

    Once (well, maybe a couple of times) I had a special lucid dream, I dreamed that I was swimming and starting to sink and starting to suffocate, I realized that I was in a dream and that my body was now lying face down in a pillow, so it was hard for me to breathe. I felt my body, turned it around and continued to watch the dream, while I heard everything around me, all the conversations and so on. That is, I was sleeping and not sleeping at the same time.(it sounds so-so, but it feels like the most conscious of all the conscious ones, I even remembered it)

    Some time ago, I had a dream in which I told a character in a dream that this is a lucid dream and why I love to admire the sky so much in a dream, and I looked at the sky and made it the way I like it.

    Well, there are also not quite lucid dreams, or even not quite dreams (in the usual sense), namely, when I intensively concentrate on any information (for example, a picture or music, or a philosophical teaching, or an idea or a mathematical problem), instead of a dream, I find myself inside this idea (of course this is a dream, but it is not visual, without sounds and other things, only ideasconcepts
    umbers, etc.), these are some strange abstract dreams where I was a hypercube and felt my”. The last one was about the illusion of time, I was a mind that did not distinguish between the past and the future, time merged into a single indivisible entity, etc., during the day I was just thinking about it.

  2. When I was in the eighth grade, I was deeply interested in this topic.I read several books of various kinds,including mystical ones, and also studied self-hypnosis.Dissatisfaction with real life and belief in the supernatural were strong in me then,and my whole being was focused on this activity.I slept 14-16 hours a day,kept my own sleep diary,and had multiple alarms set during the sleep process to see and remember my dreams.I ended up having several lucid dreams every night.
    This hobby of mine lasted for about two years,but somehow it stopped by itself.I must say that not only did I run away from reality, I also often saw and heard hallucinations in Java.
    Now I see them much less often than before, about a couple of times a week, but even this mostly boils down to the fact that I just transform the nightmares that for some reason I often have now.Now my dreams are very intense in terms of sensations,I feel cold, pain, touch, smells, in general-everything that is possible,but this is also in my nightmares,unfortunately.

  3. I created dreamstalker with my own hands this is a thing that allows you to enter a virtual dream and really works answer this comment and maybe I'll contact you

  4. Not only in the SP but also in my sleep, I was constantly killed by a black something with red eyes. In ordinary dreams, I often see “It” in dark corners, looking at me and smiling an evil smile. Everyone writes that if you sleep on your stomach, there will be no SP. That's bullshit! I was lying on my stomach, and suddenly I realized that I couldn't move. Abruptly, I start to roll, something landed on me. She puts her hand on my shoulder and laughs angrily. With my head turned to the side, all I could see was a bony black hand (It seemed to have a black aura) and bright red eyes. The worst thing is that I didn't wake up from my paralysis, “it” just ran out the window when my mother came into the room (To check if I was asleep) I was only able to move when she came in. She thought I was crazy. (I thought so myself.) But, since I saw “Him” in my dreams. I don't think it's anything serious.

  5. just the other day, for the first time in my life, I realized myself in a dream, looked at my hands – they were deformed, as they wrote in all the guides. After that, everything went blurry and I woke up…. I'll have to train

  6. I had quite a few lucid dreams(OS). At first, I just had a few dreams. Then I started looking for information about it. I came across a book by Stephen Laberge, a professor at Stanford University (not exactly) who researched this topic in detail. I recommend reading it. And then there's M.'s textbook.Rainbows, if you want to quickly learn how to enter this state and hold it.�

    Thanks in part to the practices of WASPS, I rethought my worldview, and took a relatively firm materialistic position. Having decided in the end that it is necessary to live as much as possible in the real world (the one that my brain interprets/constructs as such), and not in its surrogates. In the end, it's mostly self-indulgence, which takes up more time/energy than it gives. But if they are in excess, then you can indulge without getting too carried away.

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