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  1. I see both prophetic dreams, and warning dreams about something, a lot in dreams, there are dreams just like a movie, meaningless, but I always see them….Paranormal phenomena have always been and are in my life…I've seen and still see a lot, there are a thousand different stories from my life…

  2. As a child, my mother was severely beaten by her father, morally humiliated, bullied, humiliated, beaten so that the blood on her dress stuck to her back, and beat her for all sorts of nonsense, for example, even for the fact that my mother got a B. Then my mother had a swarm of little sisters, my godmother. My godfather adored her, doted on her. As a result, my mother hates my father and my godmother loves me. My father has been dead for a long time, and my mother still doesn't like to talk about him and can't say anything good about him. So, all these years, their father used to come to my godmother in his dreams, most often on the eve of death anniversaries, or before his birthday, in general, he came several times a year. He never came to see my mother, just never. But about five years ago, the phone rang in my mother's dream one night. She picks up the phone, and there's her father. He says: “urgently call Natasha (my mother's sister, my godmother), tell her that Polina (the godmother's daughter) is in trouble! Let him call her urgently! I can't reach Natasha myself.” Then he hung up. My mother, in great surprise, wakes up, immediately calls her godmother, tells the dream, the godmother calls Polina and it turns out that 40 minutes ago she got into a big accident, she is being taken by ambulance to the emergency room, and Polina herself could not call because there was no money on the phone.

    Just like that. This is beyond my comprehension.

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