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  1. if you want it from a biological point of view, why don't you ask biologists, doctors, morgue workers, or morticians this question? Everything is simple – the body of a living person walks, talks, performs various actions, and the dead body lies around and rots. Isn't it clear that something has gone out of the body?

  2. My dear friend, you and I carry replicants in our genes that once appeared in the primordial broth of bacteria, yes, they have become more complex and now represent DNA, but what you can think, love and get angry is only a by-product in a long chain of evolution. So the maximum that will happen after death is good food for trees)

  3. Biological creatures don't think about death, they just live and die. If you ask about death and think about it, then you are outgrowing biology.

    You ask-what will happen outside of biology from the point of view of biology. The field outside of biology is new and uncomfortable for you. You don't want to hear about anything outside of biology-you're not ready for something new and you want to stay comfortable.

    To hear the answer, you need to be ready to hear it, to step outside of yourself today, and to accept the new.

  4. Nothing will happen. The brain will die, and with it consciousness, memory, and personality will disappear. There will be absolutely NOTHING. And all the fairy tales about the afterlife are made up by churchmen.

  5. The most important, simple and concise answer to your question is: “After death, this question does not make sense.”The questioner will not hear the answer, there will be no one to answer.” We will remain in the memory/in the minds of those who remember and thank (or curse). God will explain everything to someone(l) (through the church, but this is not relevant now) I wish you and Q a long life before you die.

  6. If you give birth to children, you will give them a piece of yourself (biological). That is, your children are the continuation of your life through procreation. As well as the fact that your life is a continuation of the life of your ancestors. In general, after a person remains his business.

  7. Funny…No, really…You KNOW what will happen to your shell in … hmmm…I mean … uh-uh…how would it be more subtle?..biological, if you are so interested in the biological component of this question… you … i.e. YOUR SHELL,or rather, will become part of the planet Earth, its molecules, which nature will very quickly integrate into other forms of living and inanimate matter.On our blue ball, your molecules will work, becoming part of one or the other in the fauna and flora, for a very long time…and they will stay here as long as the planet itself will exist,and then as part of its giant substance you will scatter across the Big Cosmos and become part of the stars and other planets…but one day,and it will certainly be,because nothing is completely lost in the universe and the cosmos forever, your molecules will reassemble together, perhaps-with a small addition of other particles, and again pass,as millions of years before,the entire cycle of transformation into plants , birds,animals…and then, into the pieces that a mother builds her child out of…and you're out there somewhere, in another world, in another universe, being born again…but this,again, will be a completely new page of life …BUT IT is YOUR LIFE ,in which you will probably not remember your past, earthly LIFE…although…who knows?..WHAT IF…?!)

  8. After death, you will lose the ability to feel. We live in a world of matter and knowledge. If you take pure biology, then everything here is the end of the limit.

    The mind is given to us in this world for processing sensory knowledge(hearing, sight, sadness, pain, beauty, love).all this can be obtained only in the world of matter. Where we all arrive. There are many theories about what happens after death. There is no life as such. We are like light bulbs turning on and shining. and after death, we supply the light bulb like a current, then it burns out and it is changed. Light bulb = body . electricity =soul . That's if you don't touch God.

  9. Death is an existential experience, it is available only as an experience of experiencing some phenomenon, in our case, death. Therefore, death can only be experienced by yourself. In a general philosophical sense, death is a transition from a state of life to a state of its cessation. That is, this is the moment when your body stops working. Your body shuts down, and that's all biology can tell you.

  10. I can tell you exactly what will be waiting for you. (most likely).

    After the death of your body, when the heart stops and can no longer drive blood, the brain will signal your essence to “exit”.

    You will leave your body.

    And since (you probably don't know anything about this process), you will go with the flow, wherever you are told. where you will be “carried”.

    Perhaps not immediately, but eventually you will realize that you are dead. and left the body.

    But if you practice while you are alive, you will be able to choose where to go and what to do after the body dies, because the process of leaving the body will already be familiar to you.

    It's pretty simple really. The only question is how knowledgeable you are.

  11. There are a huge number of confirmed cases of how people remembered their past life and proved it (documents were found, witnesses of events, etc.). Look for books and films about reincarnation. From this it follows that this body is temporary, there were bodies before it and there will be new ones. This does NOT mean that our essence is immortal. It is most likely a completely material object and can be destroyed. And this will be the final death. What else you can read-Sergey Tarmashev (combat science fiction and fantasy, but very difficult), Svetlana Levashova.

  12. From the point of view of biology, consciousness is a product of the activity of those neural networks that die within about 5 minutes after the cessation of oxygen supply to them. Other structures also die off, but only a little later.

    Hypothetically, some information is still stored there after death until the neurons themselves are completely destroyed by autolysis, but in practice this does not mean anything. You can try to freeze your brain at this stage, some people suffer from this. Maybe you'll wake up in Futurama in 1000 years 🙂

  13. Maybe something will happen. But only if we are not a body (including the brain) or not quite a body, but some kind of soul or a symbiosis of brain and soul. I don't mean an immaterial soul from religions, but a soul – an immortal material being who uses the bodies of animals and people as an outfit to participate in a performance called life in order to occupy the time of his endless life with this performance.

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