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  1. Sleep paralysis is a rather frightening condition, sometimes terrifying. However, if you realize that it is not physically dangerous, that the immobility is temporary, and that everything you see is just images created by your brain in the transition state between sleep and wakefulness, then the fear passes or decreases significantly. Sleep paralysis will pass without any external influences in a few minutes. To speed up the restoration of control over the body and stop hallucinations, you can move your eyes (this function remains under control), change the amplitude of breathing movements, and try to make a grimace.

  2. I've had this happen many times. When I have a terrible dream, I realize that I am in a dream and try to wake up. I go into a kind of borderline state: I see all the same things as in my dream, but I feel like I'm lying in my own bed. Moreover, in order not to fall back into a full-fledged sleep, you have to make great efforts. Then, to get out of sleep paralysis, you just need to open your eyes. And it's sooo hard to do that. The brain is doing its best to send signals to the eyelids to move, but they do not listen. And at the same moment, on the other side of my mind, some terrible creature is chasing me. However, if you do not stop trying, you can open your eyes, and then there is a complete awakening.

  3. Yes, absolutely. This is done by calming and relaxing. The problem with sleep paralysis is that a person can give in to fright at this moment, as a result of which protective mechanisms are activated, which will immobilize the body even more, and an attempt to get up will lead to nothing. This is part of the function of preventing body movement during REM sleep. So, for example, if you start moving very actively inside a normal dream, the dream will become more vivid, and the body on the bed will become even more motionless. (In patients with somnambulism, as a rule, this does not happen). But since the mechanism is known, then acting from the opposite, calming down, without panic, you need to continue to move your eyes and think about something good, if possible avoiding the presentation of fears, so that they are not recreated in your tactile-sensory projection in the form of hallucinations. As a result, an awakening will occur after some time. The second option is to start slowly imagining the mental movements of the body parts, as a result of which you will again plunge back into the dream, in which most likely you will see that the body seemed to move and you were able to get out of bed. Then you can wake up as usual. In itself, sleep paralysis is a natural process, there is nothing terrible about it, it happens to healthy people every night, it's just that at this moment we are inside the tactile-sensory projection of the dream, recreated from the signal tables, we perceive it as reality, and do not know that the body is immobilized.

  4. I couldn't resist reading at night, they write about the feeling of an outsider, it's creepy, but I had another interesting case. With the guy, at that time, we went to Moscow, stayed with his friend, where there was not even furniture, slept on foam pillows. One morning, a guy woke me up with a dazed look and a clearly rapid heartbeat, telling me about how he couldn't wake up, call me…I waved it off, assured him that everything was fine and let him sleep at all, what nonsense, nothing unusual happens in this. They fell asleep. And then I was caught in the same state that he described. They were lying on their sides, I buried my face in his chest, which I tried to reach with my hands lying on the spot in an attempt to move. The panic that had gripped her didn't leave her for the moment of her final awakening, which came as suddenly as paralysis. Because of the alarm, it was not possible to track the process, so it is not known whether the manipulation of the hands helped or whether it disappeared. He said that shortly before I woke up, he felt my fingers moving slightly in my fists clenched at my mouth. He was very surprised by this, but I blamed it all on: naraskazal me here, that's what happened. We slept a little more, got up normally, I went to the bathroom, came back, the owner woke up and made tea, he slept in the same room with us, he looked thoughtful and all he said then was: “Guys, I'm glad I woke up today”

  5. I watched the series, fell asleep, woke up, sleep Paralysis, heard the series in my headphones and watched it, but I couldn't move + there is no hum in my ears. use it

  6. I lived in a dorm with two girls, Anya and Zhenya. I was close friends with Anya, and I trusted her as much as I trusted myself. And often, when I have a nightmare and try to wake up, I first find myself in my room, but only in a dream, but I can't move or make any sound, and only then I wake up in reality. So it was at that time. And when I “woke up” in my bed and tried to make at least a moan, my neighbor sat up and said: “It's okay, Kat, you're safe, it's okay,” and I woke up for real. Looking at Anya, I realized that she was asleep and didn't say anything like that. I realized that if even my subconscious mind recognized her as trustworthy, then I shouldn't doubt it)

    Paralysis happened to me a couple of times, the last time I scratched the wall with my fingernail in my sleep and woke up from this unpleasant feeling.�

    When I was at school, I used to sleep in an attic bed, i.e., a bed on top and a table on the bottom. When the alarm went off, I decided to sleep for another five minutes. I lie there and see a black body fall through the ceiling, hit the bed with its body, hit the stairs with its feet, and go flying down. I literally felt the bed shake, and that's what woke me up. In wild shock and with a very beating heart.

  7. It happened twice. I would wake up and feel someone sitting at my feet, then that someone would crawl to my chest and press down like a cat that has fallen asleep on my chest. Then it let go. Monstrous fear. I turned on my side, and everything was frozen again. Someone lay down next to me and hugged me from behind. I felt cold. Even kind of like tears were flowing. After a while, I came across an article about sleep paralysis, and I knew how to proceed next time. The next time I woke up, I heard footsteps. I couldn't move. The footsteps were getting closer. I started to wake up hard, trying to move my toe. It all worked out… and I rolled over on that damned side again. I only had time to sigh before I was paralyzed again. I felt like something was dragging me to the edge of the bed. It was terrible! Well, in the end, I was able to wake up my finger and get caught on the edge of the bed. And then safely sweetly fell asleep:)

  8. 2 days ago I experienced sleep paralysis. I sat at the computer for a long time and went to bed at 2-3 am. As usual, at first I tossed and turned for half an hour, and finally I began to “fall asleep”.�

    2 minutes after falling asleep, I realized that I was awake. I couldn't open my eyes. I tried to move. I could not. Perhaps I could move my fingertips a little, about 2 centimeters. I thought I was humming something.�

    This was the second sleep paralysis in my life, and I had already read about it and knew it was normal. Despite this, at the moment of paralysis, some inexplicable fear enveloped my consciousness. I just wanted to get this shit over with. There was a thought of “Damn, this is rare shit, experiment, learn it”. But some kind of fear said, ” Damn, it's time to stop this.” It must have been some kind of adrenaline rush, an animal reaction.

    After 7-9 seconds, I opened my eyes, was able to move, and the fear was gone. A minute later, I fell asleep again and didn't wake up again.

  9. I've had the same bullshit happen for 15 years now with different frequency. When paralysis occurs, I make a huge effort to even move my finger, but nothing comes out. Your whole body is shackled, and it feels like you're chained to the bed. It's like a vacuum or a very powerful magnet, you feel like you're being pulled in somewhere, and sometimes you can hear a hum, as if the air is being sucked in at high speed. The feeling, of course, is creepy. At first it was very scary, now it has become a common thing, but this does not make it any easier. After such episodes, you feel like a squeezed lemon, as if all the strength has been sucked out of you.
    There is also this observation – when this happens, I see a dream in a dream. Ie, even when it seems that you have already moved and woken up, it turns out to be an illusion – you are still asleep, you understand this only when you really wake up. The confusing thing
    is that in this dream I see myself and the environment of my room, down to the smallest detail, which is why everything seems so realistic. I don't know why this is happening – to look for a health problem or is it something otherworldly? I will be grateful for your answers and information on this issue.

  10. Yes, the last sleep paralysis I “caught” less than a week ago, so I remember well how it was. Even in my dream, I dreamed that I was being strangled, and when I woke up, the feeling of” suffocation ” did not disappear, it only became worse. I was lying on my stomach, it felt like someone was sitting on my back and getting heavier and heavier. An indescribable feeling of fear, it seemed that I had 30 seconds left to live and this is the last thing I feel, the inability to move or scream, and there is no one in the apartment to hear me. It's like someone's standing by my bed. The main thing in this state is to realize that this is not real, although awareness of the case does not relieve attacks of wild fear and suffocation.�
    Try to move your finger, as a rule, if you make the finger move, then the body will become subject to you.�
    Do not be afraid to fall asleep again, you can turn on the music and sleep with it, if sleep paralysis overtakes you for the second time, it will be easier to concentrate on music to get out of the paralysis.

  11. Yes, it worked. Even before this happened to me, a friend was telling me stories about sleep paralysis: what you feel, what you see, what you hear. And in particular, he told how he got out on his own. So, despite the fact that at first it seems that you can't move at all, no one has canceled attempts to make a movement. Of course, at first I tried to simply lift myself up – to no avail. Then I tried to move my fingers, as a friend told me, and after a while I began to feel the impulses transmitted by the brain reach the “recipients” in my body. Literally from the moment I managed to move my fingers, my whole body finally woke up. I will add that it was even a little unusual to use the muscles to get out of bed when you wake up, because during the time spent in paralysis, you manage to forget this feeling.

  12. A person always comes out of it on their own, even if at this moment they call on the higher ones. By the way, the prayer “Our Father” works ironically in those areas. Instantly outputs it.
    Interestingly, in sleep paralysis, mindfulness (for me personally) was even higher than in the normal state of wakefulness. I always clearly understood what was going on and knew how to work with it from the inside. At the same time, it freely “moved” in both directions: along the exit path, and along the path of aggravation. The attitude of an enthusiastic researcher leaves no room for fear.

  13. I have had sleep paralysis several times, and once even intentionally. This time I managed to get out of my sleep paralysis, but it was really very difficult.�

    The most epic incident occurred when I was sleeping on the bus, I had a dream that I was taken to the cinema and already sitting in the chair I realized that I had cerebral palsy. It was fun. And then I learned from my aunt that in a dream I said in a satisfied, barely understandable voice and with saliva dripping from my mouth: “I'm a vegetable now!”�

    What an idiot, KAEF!

  14. 1st dream.

    I tried to imagine.(I imagined that I was lying in the grass,I won't run away from such paralysis)

    2nd dream.

    I tried to die and managed to wake up…

    3rd dream.

    I overcame sleep.

    4th dream.

    I've been waiting a long time for it to end.

    p/s – I used to wake up sweating.

  15. It was once in my life. The paralysis started when I was falling asleep and I didn't even notice it at first, but when I wanted to roll over on my side again, I realized that for some reason I couldn't move at all. At first it was very scary, because I was alone in the apartment, and even in a strange city. But after lying with my eyes fixed on one point without moving for about 5 minutes, I decided to calm down and methodically move my body parts separately. He found that the toes of one of his feet were moving just a little, and he began to move them as best he could. Following this, the muscles from the ankle and further down the leg begin to obey me and in about a minute I came fully to myself, already abruptly rising on the bed, realizing what had happened.

  16. I had sleep paralysis I lie and can't move a slight fear and I start to get out of bed it turned out I look passes mishka ushol somewhere and I'm already in the astral poshol watch what and how
    There were still paralysis fear was So I moved my mouth because of this and woke up

  17. I want to tell you that I have this paralysis 13years in pain,afraid to sleep,every day crying and once during an attack of paralysis I just took a very relaxed, be that will be,and my astral body was separated from the physical and I flew through the walls,then into the street, then on and on,now I have the paralysis doesn't bother,the body with itself flies a rocket to the astral plane through the endless tunnels,if you are going to need to know about the astral plane the astral plane, about the entities that dwell there,to follow the rules of I.so beware, read everything about the astral in advance, if you also get like me, then you have some kind of gift, I for example began to feel subtle otherworldly entities, see the aura of a person,I never gave up the astral exit,I didn't even want to dream,I didn't think about it,it just happened to myself,so far the body flies out,communicates with spirits,everything that is seen by the astral body, the astral eye, I feel and remember when the body returns to the physical body.the human body consists of 7 bodies:1dense physical, astral,causal,etheric,spiritual, mental.And now I have started to stand out the astral body and travel,all this is not a joke, be careful!and it doesn't stop in any way,I feel some entities,it's scary,of course, I'm saved by prayers!they say that you need to read special prayers.may God grant you health and peace of mind!

  18. One rad was, I remember, about a year ago. I just woke up in the middle of the night and realized that someone was standing over me. I wanted to move, to get up to see who it was , but I couldn't. I tried to call out to someone – my throat seemed to tighten, I couldn't even make a sound, I was WILDLY afraid, for some reason it seemed that this someone was approaching.

    I just had to wait for what would happen next. As a result, I slowly and gradually let go, and I crawled under the covers in fear and passed out. As it turned out, there was no outsider, just a very vivid imagination�

    Here is such an unusual night

  19. I decided to go to sleep for an hour and ask my sister to wake me up. Suddenly I hear her go to get water to spray me because I don't wake up, I saw something like my eyelids from the inside and couldn't say anything and move. I was just panting, trying to say something. Then, abruptly, everything faded away and I was able to open my eyes. It was very scary, like I was dead and my soul couldn't leave my body (strange association, but still)

  20. I had this when I was 12(now I'm 13)

    I was lying on my back(usually paralysis occurs while lying on my back, so I stopped sleeping on it and only recently overcame my fear)

    There were no creatures or anything else, it sounds strange, but I was looked at by icons, but I don't believe in Christianity or Catholicism, so it doesn't really matter to me. I could move my eyes and, after analyzing what was happening, rolled my eyes up, so that I wouldn't see anything even scarier. There was a feeling of fear even before the paralysis came, then there were strange sensations in the body. I heard that in order for the paralysis to recede, you need to start moving your muscles. Since everything is paralyzed except for the eyes, the conclusion is obvious: start blinking, and then, in theory, the body will understand that you are still not dead and the paralysis should gradually go away. (!)I haven't tested this theory on myself

  21. Sleep paralysis happens to me every time I fall asleep on my back, when my chest is open, just at the very beginning I get drunk, get out of it and turn on my side or cover myself with a blanket. I have a chronic paralysis in all men on my father's side, so I'm already used to it, I conducted various experiments like what happens if you lie down and do nothing, don't do it because it seems to me that you can fall into a coma, I relaxed for a few seconds but then I tried to get out of this state for a long time, so it's better to get out right away

  22. Oh guys. This problem has been haunting me almost every night for a couple of years. This can happen 2-3 times per night. I get out of this state only when I start shaking my head from side to side. I tried all the other methods, but nothing helps. I don't know how to get rid of this sore. It's very annoying and scary. I don't really know how harmless it is or how dangerous it is, but I have a feeling that this condition is progressing. It used to be rare, then more often, then every day, and now 2-3 times a night.

  23. There was an incident yesterday, I went to bed, there was some kind of dream, I don't remember it at all. I remember that at the end of the dream, there was a terrible unintelligible sound behind me (I was sleeping with my face to the back of the sofa). I woke up, but the sound continued. I tried to roll over, move my arms and legs to understand what it was, but I couldn't turn over, my body wouldn't listen. I panicked. I tried to move my arms as much as possible. As a result, I turned over abruptly and realized that no one had made that sound. I thought I saw him on the hike.

  24. Yes, but I was able to do it when I was completely relaxed and did not try to resist this state.�

    As a rule, it first rolled in a powerful wave and if I stopped resisting it, it increased. After that, they usually started having nightmares.�

    You just need to relax.

  25. I'm already used to this phenomenon. The worst part was the first time I felt like my whole body was under a spell and I couldn't move, but I couldn't see anyone around me. I got out of this state very easily, just strained my abs and immediately managed to straighten up) And when I didn't know what had happened to me, I thought it was aliens)

  26. For 30 years, he's been bothering me, my sleepy even has a name-best friend, even as a child I called him that when I thought it was some kind of entity. It's been a long time since he scares me, but he really pisses me off, because he doesn't let me sleep. There is an almost instant way out of it. You need to take a very deep breath and move your toes (well, or hands, who has what). The main thing is to take a deep breath. I do not advise you to dive in and wait for it to pass, it is very unpleasant. Sounds and vibrations are amplified, you feel like a pie in the microwave. Grandmothers in the villages say that this brownie warns of upcoming events, especially when you feel the touch. And you need to ask him, for better or for worse, and he will give out interesting information against the background of a hum in his ears. Oh, and a pair of scissors or a knife under the pillow helps. This is tested, but every time you forget to put them there. But fluoxetine (also known as prozac), which I started drinking in an attempt to shudnutu, helped me best of all. Three months of no paralysis, just a baby's sleep.

  27. There was a case a couple of years ago. So, I woke up to the fact that I began to feel as if someone was raising and lowering the bed a little at a time. I was sleeping with my face to the wall, so I tried to roll over to face the room, but naturally my body wouldn't listen. The bed didn't stop wobbling at this time, but on the contrary, it was shaking more and more violently. At the same time, a hum in my ears was added, growing from barely audible to incredibly loud. This lasted about a minute, until I remembered the method that my sidekick, who also had sps a couple of times, recommended to me. In general, you need to try to move your toes, which I did. This helped, the body began to let go gradually from the legs and that's all gone.

  28. I caught this trip twice. The first time was very scary, I was lying down, as I've been told a thousand times, watching my room, but I couldn't move. Then I noticed that some small devil was sitting on me and strangling me, or rather sitting on my chest and pressing wildly. Well, I naturally try to yell, squeal, moo and all that has already been said above to do. But then it all went away very suddenly.
    And yes, I'd never heard of sleep paralysis before.
    The second time was even funny, I had to force myself to sleep before the exam, but I had another paralysis. I knew it right away and said in my head, ” Fucking mouth of this fucking paralysis! I have to get up early!”
    Well, that is, it wasn't scary at all because I had already read about it and in the end almost immediately I was released.
    So a quick guide:
    If you see some kind of heresy, devils, etc., show them with your eyes or your thoughts that if it doesn't end now, then you will strangle this scum yourself, or just relax and say to yourself:”It's all fucked up and totally unrealistic.”
    Voila, you're great!
    In short, do not panic and do not be afraid that you are not imagining things.

  29. Nope. I didn't get out of it consciously, and I don't think I will. Stupidly we have to wait for the end of this unknown creep game. Alas, sleep paralysis lasts for a very long time (in fact, no, it seems so), so you lie stupidly and dream of dying as soon as possible. By the way, if someone close to me notices that something is wrong with my sleep and tries to wake me up, I show signs of aggression. I even hit my sister a couple of times (fortunately not too hard). In short, to get out of this state before it stops by itself is so impossible for me. I advise relatives to leave the person to suffer until it passes, if you do not want to suffer. Something like this

  30. I don't really know if it was up to me or if I was just waking up from a dream. I was sleeping on my side when a guy came into my room on a trolley (the rails went through my room!). I immediately understood what was going on, although my mind was still blurry. I can't move anything, all I can do is open/close my eyes. After countless attempts to raise his arm “very strongly with all his might”, he began to sway for some reason. After I was able to swing a lot, I fell on my back, and at that moment, in fact, I woke up

  31. It all started with a feeling of drowsiness, as the last one was about a year ago, I remember vaguely. Yes, it was possible, but only when I already knew what was happening to me and had time to realize it. I just lay there and thought that there was nothing to be afraid of and tried to move. The most terrible thing for me is sound hallucinations. That's what really scared me-it's music in the absence of a sound source in the room. I didn't know what this phenomenon was then

  32. I've only had sleep paralysis twice. The last one, by the way, happened a couple of days ago. The first time I fell asleep in the afternoon (then I still did not know about such a phenomenon) and I dream how I am pinned down by the sensations of some concrete slab, I experienced terrible discomfort then and there was a black cat with me in the dream, she was sleeping at the level with my head and I clearly remember how she screamed shrilly, Although there was never a cat. Quite a terrible state, as adrenaline adds the very fact of tangible reality of what is happening. I woke up in fright and had tears in my eyes. For a long time, I felt like I was being pushed around, and to my strong fear of the dark, the fear of falling asleep was added. At such moments, my imagination starts to play and I'm blown away. Now everything is fine. And so, when I almost overcame this fear, then one night I intuitively assumed that today it would happen again. That day, I got enough sleep during the day and just forced myself to sleep at night, since I had to get up early. Apparently, this was what caused the second sleep paralysis. I clearly remember that I fell asleep and when I woke up in a dream, I became aware of myself in it. After the words “I'm dreaming” in my head, I abruptly went into a state where I tried to raise my hand or move any part of my body with my thoughts, but it didn't listen to me. I felt like I was his hostage. By the way, I thought that my boyfriend was talking to me at that moment, although in reality he was turned in the opposite direction and was sleeping peacefully. My childhood nightmares came back to life and I thought that at any second I would have auditory or visual hallucinations due to the fact that someone was just talking to me. In my sleep, I started yelling at myself to wake up. She kept saying, “wake up, get up fast,” and yelling like a madwoman. Although in reality, of course, there was no hint that something was wrong with me. Then I just snapped my eyes open and was so glad I was in control of my body again. And at that moment, I considered myself lucky that I didn't see any monsters or anything worse, because I think I would have gone through the roof. That's the story.

  33. This confrontation happened to me only twice. The first one was the most terrifying: when I woke up in the middle of the night with my eyes open, I couldn't move my body, and my eyeballs were rolling circles. In a short time, the entire body was covered in sweat and the fear that appeared out of nowhere did not let go for a long time. I tried to change my train of thought, to deceive my cerebellum, but in vain.�

    The second trip was easier. I played the role of a nurse for myself, it became easier to control the situation/fear/emotions. For a moment I wanted to prolong this peculiar trance, but I fell asleep. It never happened again

  34. Experienced sleep paralysis 6-8 times. The first times were very scary, I thought I was paralyzed or something like that. I was very tense, trying to move and get up. But it was useless, I tried to mumble, moan, and I was woken up. If no one was around, I suffered, as it seemed to me, for a long time and after a while I let go, and I got up all in tears with a wild fright. Quite by chance, I came across an article about sleep paralysis on the Internet and realized that this is my problem. In general, there I found good advice that you just need to relax and then the feeling of paralysis and fear will pass faster. I wasn't able to put this advice into practice the first time, but! When I succeeded, I was happy, zero fear, zero tantrums. I just take a deep breath and try to relax. It works flawlessly. The main thing is to understand that it's all in your head, it's not real. You relax, you don't panic, you breathe calmly and that's it, you wake up without tears and fear.

  35. It worked.�

    To begin with, I've read a lot of stories of people who have experienced this phenomenon, and to be honest, they've always scared me a lot. I even got to the point where I was afraid to sleep on my back. But this did not save me, and one night I was faced with sleep paralysis. All I remember is that someone started laughing in my dream. At that moment, I woke up and realized that this laughter was already in my room. Or rather, right outside the window. The next thing I know, I can see my room, but I can't move. It must have lasted a couple of seconds, until I made a small effort and finally woke up.�

    In general, I got off lightly. There was almost no fear.

  36. Yes, the third time it happened. I tried to move my fingers and very quickly came to my senses with my whole body. Although it seemed to me that I was calling for help! It was 7 times. In the end, I even liked it, as if you were in the afterlife or in another dimension, and the ghosts were telling you something 😀 The most interesting thing about all this is that whenever I tell scary stories about paralysis experiences, one of the listeners gets paralysis on the same night.. but they don't know how to get out of it….

  37. I'll tell you a horror story for the night

    This happened to me once, about half a year ago. I remember having a nightmare in an empty house, running away from some terrible creature that was following me, literally one step behind. When the dream reached its climax, I made an effort to wake up and opened my eyes. I was lying on my side in my room, a table lamp was burning on the table, everything was as usual, but the feeling of persecution did not leave me. I could feel the thing that had chased me in my dream peering down at me from the ceiling… I tried to turn my head, but I couldn't move,I was starting to panic, it was getting closer and closer by the second, I was desperately trying to move, I could only scratch the floor quickly with the finger of my dangling hand. When I could feel the creature's breath and it was only a second away from throwing, I was able to jerk my head and slightly bite down on my comma. After that, I was able to jump out of bed, I did not understand whether it was a dream or reality, I was already thinking that I had dreamed everything, but then a strange detail made me doubt it—the imprint of teeth on my hand…

  38. I only had sleep paralysis once, but I still remember how I felt during it. I've never felt such fear in my life before. I tried both moving and shouting – all to no avail. My body was frozen, I couldn't breathe, and I felt like a black shadow was looming over me.And the only thing I could do at that moment was to pray to myself. Before this incident, I did not know that such a phenomenon is called sleep paralysis. Now I think that “prayer” woke up my brain and it worked, glory to the gods.

  39. I've had sleep paralysis twice in my entire life. Before that, I heard a lot of stories from friends and knew from the descriptions what kind of condition it was. I managed to get out of paralysis on my own for the second time. It all started with a dream where I was walking down the street and met my teacher, whom I hadn't seen since school. She was friendly, smiling, and I really wanted to brag to her that I had succeeded in the subject she taught (even though I was almost a bad student at school). Then she opened my bag, took out my clothes, and started ripping them up. After my surprised reaction, she started insulting me and got into a fight, and I defensively stabbed her with a knife. Then I was in the room, and the shadow of a stranger appeared on the wall, and then I realized that I couldn't move. The shadow was approaching and I was afraid, but I remembered all those stories about sleep paralysis and my first experience, and I clearly realized that it was all unreal. I told myself mentally: “Don't panic, this isn't real. Don't focus on the shadow, think about something else” and began to think about the first thing that came to mind, that is, about a loved one. And that helped. For the rest of the night, I was afraid to fall asleep again and had to sleep with music and headphones on.

  40. Previously, SPS often rolled up. At that time, I didn't know what this condition was called, and, more importantly, I had no idea that it was normal for our body and completely understandable (Wikipedia to help, I don't understand why Vitalik was zaminusovali). At first, I experienced a wild horror: you realize that you are not sleeping, but you can not even move your little finger, you think that you are screaming, but you do not make a sound. This condition doesn't last long, no more than a minute, but it's pretty creepy. Then gradually the ability to move returns. After several s. p. I realized that nothing terrible, in general, is happening, and stopped being afraid when this happened. I can tell you that the sooner you calm down and relax, the sooner it will be over.

    Once I came across a forum about S. P. and was surprised by the numerous descriptions of demons sitting on the chest during paralysis, and devils strangling victims of S. P. Personally, I tend to think that this is the result of a strong fright, and the human brain can invent something like this. Many believers advise reading prayers. This makes sense, as it will help the believer to calm down and feel protected.�

    So, the summary:

    1) Sleep paralysis is normal and scientifically explicable

    2) All the fears in your head: in fact, there is nothing to be afraid of, no one has bewitched you, no demon will drag you to hell

    3) You will be afraid and invent horrors – you will see them

    4) Just calm down and relax, and after lying down for a while, you will be able to move normally again

    P.S. You can watch the documentary “Secrets of Sleep” if you are interested in this topic. True, there will also be a little bit about devils there.

  41. I do not know how to explain it… I feel something that I can't move and I feel terrible fear… I do not try to somehow show up I wait until I fall asleep again and already I'm not trying to roar on my side so that this state does not cover me again…

  42. Yes. I read the Jesus Prayer and Our Father's Prayer and everything passes. It feels like someone wants to bother you. But after Prayer, everything passes. The main thing is not to be afraid and believe that prayer will help!

  43. Yes, and I'm so good at it that I can get out of it at any time when I realize that this has happened to me.
    Here you are lying down and can't move. Close your eyes and (it will be difficult to describe, but I will try) suddenly try to shake your whole body sharply. By “unexpected” I mean to do it very suddenly. If the first time did not work out, then try to win. I subsequently trained my body so much that sleep paralysis was no longer a problem for me.

  44. There were several times, it seemed that it was a dream-half a dream or half reality could not move not a hand or a foot, and the feeling that you were crushed by a stone, and the thoughts are obvious!I do not know why I began to read,, oche our…… and immediately let go and all over the body heat and goosebumps dispersed and sleep like a hand !!!!I didn't get a wink of sleep until morning .I was afraid to go to bed in the evening ,I live alone!but after reading the prayer, I fell asleep , there was no more of this!

  45. The main thing is to understand that what you “see” and “hear” is not real. Understand where your hands are. I manage to either clench my fist and dig my nails into the palm of my hand, or if the hand is somewhere near another part of the body, I can also make my nails hurt. This speeds up the recovery process. It may take some time to let go, but as soon as you feel that you are starting to “come back”, try to move. If it doesn't work out for a long time, you relax and try to wake yourself up with pain again. Sometimes it doesn't work out like that, you try to shout. It's not exactly a scream, but if you're lucky, you'll wake yourself up with your own voice. As soon as you wake up, the main thing is to get up or sit down right away, otherwise you can fall asleep again. Go for a drink of water, for example, and then go to bed.

  46. In the period from 16 – 25 very often suffered from sleep paralysis. And, most often, these were not typical paralysis after sleep, but pre-sleep paralysis.

    I was helped by the tension of my whole body, as if trying to break out of chains. After that, you need to be patient for five to ten minutes before going to bed further. But then the dream will be silk.

  47. I regularly experience sleep paralysis, due to the fact that I am a sleepwalker from an early age.

    To be honest, I don't see anything terrible in this, because during my periodic sleepwalking, I've seen a lot of scarier horror stories, like images of ghosts, as if in reality, and so on.

    The problem is described above. I don't need to explain the reasons for it, they already beat me to it. I will describe the symptoms and solutions to deal with them.

    I myself have seen this, as I have already said, not once, I was only slightly frightened. The fact is that all frights have only an emotional basis. I was convinced of this when I saw, as it seemed to me, a really huge spider directly in front of me, which, after realizing that it was a figment of the imagination, and immediately regaining control of itself, disappeared right before my eyes in half a minute. After this incident, I realized that the main thing at the time of sleep paralysis is to overcome the desire to sleep. It is precisely because of him that we are not able to fully regain consciousness. It sounds easy, but it's difficult to implement, I understand. But when you do this for the first time, you will immediately understand that stories about ghosts and brownies in sleep paralysis are the delirium of a gray mare.

  48. I had several sleep paralysis episodes in one night. I'm terribly afraid of the dark and grew up on stories about brownies that sometimes come at night to tell you what's going to happen next in your life,plus my eyesight is -7. I am very glad that I left my faith in monsters and supernatural things long ago because of my education,so I knew about sleep paralysis. So, I open my eyes and see a white figure of a man walking towards me, while my own fear suffocates me.It was fucking scary,but I closed my eyes,because with my eyes closed, it's not so scary to die. I open it after an n-th time and see another creature, it thought I didn't see it and moved very slowly towards me,I remembered about the last time(although it seemed that it was a dream or the brain came up with a new memory that wasn't really there) and again closed my eyes in a terrible panic. The third time,I wasn't so afraid anymore,and I tried to move so that I could put on my glasses and finally see something other than silhouettes,but I couldn't. My brain is even more foggy than before,because in the past times I thought I was shackled by fear,and now I'm not so much bflo afraid. I tried, I tried, I tried, it got even worse and I decided to close my eyes again, so as not to see the moment before death. I lay there for a hell of a long time because I couldn't sleep and I don't know exactly when the paralysis went away.

    In general, my advice is to:accept the inevitability of death(very funny sounds(life I really appreciate and love))

  49. Almost every night I encounter this several times. And every time I go out on my own. Sometimes it is easier to wake up with an effort than to fall asleep in a state where it seems that someone is touching you and talking to you in an unknown language.�

    The most difficult thing is to keep your eyes open, because sometimes it's scary)

    If you have such a problem that has become chronic-welcome to the club of people with a disrupted sleep mode. Listening to music throughout your sleep or even taking the first 20-25 minutes of a nap helps you relax and fall asleep. Then paralysis will occur at most in the morning

  50. It's amazing to read answers about someone having sleep paralysis several times in their lifetime. This is a common occurrence for me, I didn't even count how many times it happened, it happens quite often (what's wrong with me?). I usually get out of this state myself. I strain my chest and neck muscles very hard and try to jerk sharply. I sort of jump out, jump out of this state. It's hard, but it's possible, and it usually works.

  51. Yes, it worked.

    I have experienced sleep paralysis about 4 times, but I don't remember being in it for a long time.

    As soon as I realized that my whole body was numb, I immediately raised my arm with great effort and came out of paralysis.

    But the last time I was in a state of sleep paralysis (about a week ago), I panicked very much, because I couldn't immediately get out of it, as always. For a while, I felt like I was falling out of bed for a long time and landing on a hard floor(I even felt the impact). Then the panic passed and I woke up lying on the bed. In general, it was quite an interesting experience for me, maybe because I didn't feel anyone's presence like the rest of the storytellers.

  52. Just recently, I woke up in paralysis, and when I realized that I couldn't move, I started screaming. In my sleep, of course, but I don't think I've ever yelled like that in my life, even though it was happening in my head. Then I just woke up.

  53. Yes, one action was possible – to roll over on one's side. With experience, it becomes easier to do this, but it is still incredibly difficult, like moving a concrete slab. And it works only after realizing that this is sleep paralysis. A couple of other times I moved, sat up, and performed certain actions (without getting out of bed), but then it turned out that it was just something between sleep and sleep paralysis-I “woke up”, realized that I was still asleep, “woke up” again, and so on in a circle.

  54. At one time, sleep paralysis occurred on a weekly basis for several months. The feeling is so-so, frankly. It's impossible to move, it's scary to shit, there's no strength or voice to scream-a classic. But in the end, it was the scream that helped to get out of paralysis. Panic still forced me to react – I tried to yell at the top of my lungs. But it didn't come out right to yell, and it came out to moo through superhuman efforts.�

    But after some time, I learned a new bottom of sleep paralysis: you mumble, wake up, wake up a friend, shake them, ask them not to sleep, and then it turns out that it was paralysis in paralysis. That is, you just calmed down, and then it turns out that you didn't wake anyone up, didn't yell, and here you are – a new wave of sleep paralysis.�

    I couldn't move my fingers or pinch myself as recommended. Just a shout (mooing). Hardcore only.

  55. I've been haunted by this stuff all my life, and I've been used to it for a long time. For me, the easiest way is to try to move my head from side to side, not even move it, but shake it as hard as possible. At first, you will feel as if your head is really crawling around on the pillow, then you wake up and realize that you have made only two or three light movements.

    I noticed, by the way, that this condition is very often planted after a dream, in which you suddenly realize that this is a dream. You clearly realize this and immediately wake up in paralysis. And sometimes, you throw off this stupor and kind of wake up, but in fact still in a dream, like in the “Beginning” with DiCaprio, but this happens very rarely.

  56. I experienced sleep paralysis quite often before, most likely due to the fact that I was stressed with my studies. It happened about 10 times, mostly on weekdays. The first 3 times I was woken up by an alarm clock, because I couldn't wake up myself. My girlfriend woke me up several times. The other times, I managed to wake up myself.
    I could move in my sleep, but only with difficulty, and then every time I blinked (I had no control over my eyelids), I found myself in the original position, and after a while my body completely refused to obey. For the first few times, I was overcome with panic: I desperately tried to reach for the phone and call someone for help, but I never even moved from my place. Later, the panic went away, but I still felt a lot of excitement.�
    Somewhere after the 5th time, I still learned to wake up in this state. Awareness of the dream, by the way, never helped.
    Honestly, there is no desire to see such a dream again)

  57. I have repeatedly experienced this experience in connection with the practice of lucid dreaming. The solution to this question turned out to be very simple. First: don't panic. Second: try to relax. Attempts to wake up or somehow overcome this viscous numbness will only prolong this (at first glance) unpleasant experience. It is relaxation that frees you from this state. In practice, you will understand what I meant. Good dreams.

  58. A well-known condition, the first manifestations of which I experienced with my whole body and body as a whole in my adolescence. As they grew older, this phenomenon was repeated several times, and sometimes regularly, for several days at the time of sleep, not just at night. What did I do in this situation? Everything is as simple as possible: maximum relaxation, even breathing and the realization that any attempts to resist “sleep paralysis” are futile.

  59. I have experienced sleep paralysis 4 times in my entire life. Everything was accompanied by nightmares. And yes, when I opened my eyes and realized that I couldn't move – I was still in a dream, i.e. I was dreaming about it too. In a dream, she tried to turn on her side and it seemed that her eyes were open. In fact, when the paralysis subsided and I turned around, I realized that my eyes were still closed. Then I opened them and realized that it was all a dream. And yes, the fact that you think your eyes are open and you realize that you can't move is still a dream.
    At first mystique thought, then read about it. A common occurrence. But I had it during stressful periods.

  60. From a purely medical point of view, this happens not with the help of “their own forces”, but as the muscle atony subsides (it causes sleep paralysis). This is not controlled by our consciousness, which is why it is called sleep paralysis. That is, you can only avoid falling into a full sleep, try to think constantly, be in suspense. And as the muscle atony subsides, you can just move around, gradually returning to normal.�

    The main thing is that no matter what you do, you will not get out of sleep paralysis of your own free will, since this process does not obey your will. Normally, everyone comes out of sleep paralysis within 10-15 minutes. In a state of paralysis, this time may seem longer, but in reality everything is exactly within this time frame.

  61. Sleep paralysis is a normal condition of the human body. This should not be feared, even if this condition is regular. On the contrary, enjoy it! Getting out of this state is quite simple – you need to realize exactly what is happening to you. Yes, I did.

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