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  1. Yes, – after the 9th grade. Then I perceived the situation as a dead end. I survived out of ignorance, the attempt was not demonstrative.

    If the attempt had been successful, it would just have been over for me then.

    And life turned out to be very full. And the peak experience of happiness, not once or twice, and very difficult, and boring; today I'm sad and tired , but mostly still I'm interested and happy.

    There would be no love. There wouldn't be a bunch of kids. And King's Dark Tower, which I'm going to read again, wouldn't be there for me.

    There would never have been Shanghai, Kazan, Kovrov, and Samarkand.

    There would be no Internet and smartphones, and even a push-button mobile phone.

    And bald spots, wrinkles. And sex, by the way. And the first kiss.

    Not like “glad”. This is good for me, while living, and a bunch of people besides me, too… Satisfied, vo!))

  2. I tried. At the age of 10. I studied this issue and wanted to jump out of the window, but people constantly came to stop me.
    Then I changed my mind and am glad that I didn't succeed.

  3. If you don't have a terrible disability that puts you and your family to death, why commit suicide? Except out of envy and pride.

    I have never tried or even thought about it, and I consider any suicide attempts to be a normal demonstration and unwise manipulation. The most ridiculous form of blackmail )) Like an appeal to the outside world, you don't give me what I want, right now I'll take revenge on you, you'll find out then what I lost ))

    Life doesn't have to “develop” or be “successful” at all, on the contrary – it just has to be interesting and eventful, full of information. There are always the right books, there are always the right perverts in sex, and certainly there is always the opportunity to live “in the full range” from peaceful sweet fruit kefir to brazen aggressiveness. And this means that you can always choose a life-building option for yourself, choose among all possible experiences what is most interesting and “delivers” ))

    Especially in youth, you can “swing” and try a variety of different things. Will this lead to perfect guaranteed happiness? Hardly )) Is it worth living and gambling as it will turn out in the future? Of course! For the sake of this, it is even worth putting up with the work of raking out shit (and they don't pay for anything else), so that you can accumulate resources, build your chosen one, and touch the most interesting and suitable ones.

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