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  1. Phenibut.

    I first tried it in the 11th grade before the Unified State Exam.�

    I was waiting for brain acceleration, memory improvement.

    Did I get it? I didn't notice it. But then, when I wanted to repeat the experiment at uni, I got some weak amphetaminocaine. My brain was working fast. Very. I couldn't keep up with my thoughts. He spoke quickly. I didn't have time to remember what I said.�

    I couldn't remember anything at all, just verbalize it. My nerves were on edge.�

    Apparently something went wrong and I got a bunch of side effects.�

    And yes, I'm hooked on it. There was a slight withdrawal.�

    I went to the doctor, complained of memory loss, attention loss, irritability. Another drug was prescribed, and they told me to forget about phenibut and rest more.

  2. I took Phenotropil. Appointed a neurologist, diagnosis-ICP. Saw 1 tablet a day in the morning + twice a day Vazobral. The course is two months. I didn't understand anything. Everything was as usual, my work is full of stress, there is no difference. There is no improvement in the condition either.

  3. I bought Omnimind recently. I don't know if this is a placebo or not, but I noticed such changes: my vision and sense of smell became sharper, it became easier to get up in the morning and sleep better at night, I have more time during the day, since it's easier to concentrate, I'm not so broken in the evening, and I even want to go somewhere after work)

  4. Phenotropil.

    If you can't concentrate on your studies, if you constantly want to sleep or eat, if you can't remember what you read five minutes ago — phenotropil will fix all this. Temporarily, of course, but for the duration of, say, a session, it will be quite a ride.

    My personal experience is extremely positive. I passed everything perfectly, however, then I slept for a long time. I lost three kilograms in a week-phenotropil kills my appetite completely.

    And no side effects or addictive behavior.

  5. I agree that phenotropil is a very good nootropic, at least from those that are freely available in Russia. I advise you to drink phenotropil (1 tablet was enough for me for 6 hours), along with glycine before going to bed. The effect of phenotropil is great: you immediately start to think quickly, your memory improves, you feel as if everything superfluous has been taken out of your head – you think very clearly and quickly. It is very important to follow the diet, because there is really no sense of appetite. For me, the only drawback is the pain in the head for the next day, as if after a hangover and time goes somehow very quickly, but maybe this is the problem of those who have been taking this course for a very long time.

  6. I took phenotropil. I easily woke up in the morning (I live in Siberia, in winter the light day is 5 hours at most) good mood, easily sat on pairs, cheerfulness, thought faster, attacks of aggression and anger decreased to a minimum, became more active.

    Of the minuses, I can say that sometimes I started to drive myself into a panic more often than usual, I couldn't fall asleep until 4-6 in the morning, despite the fact that I got up at 7-9 in the morning; VERY high self – esteem (I liked it, others didn't). I thought that in the hierarchy, where God is at the top, at the first step, I was at the SECOND, and the rest of the people at the very bottom))))))

  7. I tried phenotropil, but did not go-irritability and anxiety began. (I have a treatment regimen – zoloft, neuleptil and quetiapine, so there was such a reaction). I was injected with actovegin, I felt that the world became brighter, cleaner, and my vision improved. Now I accept mexidol, earlier it to me too pricked. My performance has improved, my mood is better, I think faster, I've become more collected and responsible. But I suffer from depression, and therefore there is an effect, I do not know how the drugs will behave if they are taken by a healthy person. Everything was written out by a psychiatrist.

  8. I took Cortexin. There was a time in my life when I almost lost my mind because of working around the clock. My memory just started failing. Cortexin punctured the course, really worked, concentration became an order of magnitude higher, memory stopped failing, successfully completed and passed the project. I hope that there will be no more such tension in my life.

  9. I took 15 piracetam tablets at a time. I was lucky that I didn't have a brain hemorrhage. From the side effects I felt increased pressure, the mind did not increase.

  10. I will tell you only about my experience. In short, it was hell.


    I took it for a week and a half, although the doctor prescribed 2. Since at the same time she led an almost completely recumbent lifestyle, and as noted above-this is a kind of stimulating drug-she received side effects. Indeed, it became much faster to think, long-term memory also significantly improved, but the short-term one failed greatly. Tremor of the limbs, dizziness, tachycardia-all this haunted me a week after the start of treatment and another week after the end.�

    To avoid all this, I highly recommend combining the drug with physical activity and exercises to improve memory. And yes-in any case, do not experiment with doses, do not take longer than the required period. And of course, consult your doctor before starting the appointment.

    That's probably all.

  11. Glycine and other prescribed. And no effect. Because the effectiveness of nootropics is not proven and not confirmed by research�ru.wikipedia.org, Seethe corresponding article.Glycine is generally a placebo.

  12. Very touching praises in favor of piracetam and even more so meldonium. Piracetam, of course, was developed as a nootropic, but meldonium was claimed as a cardioprotector. It was believed that it eliminates myocardial damage after training. However, the only thing they eliminate is our athletes from the Olympic Games

  13. I tried Modafinil, a modern analogue of phenotropil, banned in Russia, bought in the USA. The delivery was from India. You can also order it while in some European countries, such as Spain. The fact that modik is allowed in the US gives some confidence).

    There is a more advanced version: Armodafinil-it accelerates longer, but the effect is longer. For three days, you can easily not sleep, then, accordingly, a sluggish state and some nervousness. Of the side effects (although they should not be) – stomach problems, nausea, but this is for me personally. In general, all this is a heavy burden on the body. If the diploma / report is not lit, it is better to use natural analogues: L-carnitine (vitamin-like amino acid), Biotredin, Glycine, eleutheracoke. If you have to pay about$ 100 for 100 tablets of modafinil, then a similar amount of Biotredin will cost 100 rubles.

  14. I once drank piracetam for studying, I wanted to grab the teacher's throat and tear it out. The image of reality was with some sharp brightness, as before the pictures of pedovok with added contrast. This is certainly better than apathetic monotony, but still decided to quit.

  15. Zolomax. Three months of drinking, three months of” going ” with it gradually, helped great. Only with a doctor's prescription. Nootropics are addictive and whatnot.

    Be sure to consult your doctor!

  16. I accepted it. They act on me like this: they cheer me up from somewhere a lot of energy comes from, they don't calm me down in any way. Saw Phenibut, Piracetam, Glycine, something else. But I don't drink them anymore.

  17. I ordered Modafinil online, a good thing, bought only 3 plates (30 tablets), distributed 25, but from 1 tablet (I had them for 200 mg) it was normal to flatten (in the context of the fact that I didn't want to sleep for at least a day).

    In durka attributed Bifren (huynya rare), but took several times throughout the year, courses, for 2 weeks, before each meal. It helps, of course, but if you pour the powder from the capsule somewhere and take it through your nose, it helps more, 4 times, according to my subjective estimates.�

    I've also experienced a lot of nootropic and other drugs, but I'm a little tired now, so I won't describe them. Maybe sometime it's better to write an article about this, I'll roll it up, all the world!

  18. Noopept.
    For a package that is enough for a monthly course, you will have to pay about 500 rubles.�
    I took it during the winter session. The session itself was not very difficult, but everything was aggravated by a depressed and depressive state. These pills begin to act on day 5-7. Sleepiness has gone away, my mood has noticeably improved, and my working capacity has increased. It has become easier to understand and remember information. For one of the exams, my preparation took a little more than 3 hours – I managed to read the textbook, understand the material and remember the most necessary things. This drug is quite mild, it does not give super-encouragement, but learning really becomes easier, easier and more enjoyable. Plus, the emotional background is leveled out. You can take it with a lot of mental stress, stress, and depressive moods.�

    Semax 0.1%

    Nasal drops, there is also 1%, but only by prescription, as far as I know. It works instantly, immediately increases efficiency, the head clears up, drowsiness goes away. I took them together with noopept and melatonin at another winter session, and I remembered one amazing condition – I was driving early in the morning on the subway to the university and was absolutely sleepless, cheerful and clear-minded. I haven't felt this way in a long time:)
    In addition to the price (it seems that a 2ml bottle costs about 300r), these drops have another big drawback – they stop working after a week. But this week they will help you work hard.

    PS Neither noopept nor semax will help you stay up for days and cram, but they help you feel much more alert and collected during the day. If you get enough sleep and are not subject to stress and depression, the drugs may not work, or the effect may be lower than expected.

  19. I took glycine during the session and for the first time met the planned training plan for the questions.

    And my rating in chess and renju, which I played during my vacation, also jumped by 50 points. Moreover, I knew my level of play well and it wasn't a coincidence. I didn't get any smarter, but I yawned less at tactics.:

  20. Phenotropil-Perfectly invigorates, the brain thinks well. Before going to bed, it is better not to drink, but this can be used if necessary. I didn't notice any particular setbacks. You can drink both in a course and on a one-time basis. I wrote a diploma with him in a couple of weeks, defended it perfectly.

    Modafiline is much more interesting. There is no invigorating effect. The brain works perfectly, plus it focuses well on work. I didn't notice any effect on sleep. It allows you to focus well on your work and get things done. At first, a slight headache, after 2-3 times everything goes away.

    Armodafinil – to be honest, it's a very similar thing. I tried it, but I didn't notice much difference. There was a difference in “reasonableness”, but it is within the margin of error.

    As for modafinil – people recommend taking it every other day (3 times a week) – it works no worse, but fatigue does not accumulate so much.

    I tried both at once – I didn't notice any negative effect. The interview went well.

    After these three, glycine and company are very light and simple vitamins. They don't compare at all.

    Applies to everyone: You should give yourself a break from drugs and take pauses. It is worth getting enough sleep on weekends, eating well and playing sports.

  21. mexidol – intravenous injections. I took a course of 10 IVs. the result is felt, plus the effect is very soft. in general, I was satisfied with the result

  22. It's just that everyone's body is different. My unfortunately does not respond although all the drugs are antidepressants and tranquilizers with very good reviews and a strong effect…

  23. Nootropic drugs increase productivity by improving brain metabolism. In order for the effect of nootropics to be correct, side effects, it is necessary, under the supervision of a doctor, to choose the necessary dose of the drug that will give a therapeutic effect.

  24. I took nootropics while I was studying for the Unified State Exam. I didn't feel much of an effect, but I scored 98 points in Russian and 100 points in literature. Maybe it's them, maybe it's me.

  25. Zolomax. Three months of drinking, three months of” going ” with it gradually, helped great. Only with a doctor's prescription. Nootropics are addictive and whatnot

  26. During the session, I started taking picamilon – all according to the dosage, no frills. However, I started taking it the day before the first exam, and its action is very smooth, aimed, rather, not at an instant effect, but at the future. So I didn't feel much of a change.

    My classmate started taking phenotropil before passing her state exams and defending her diploma. And whether it is with dosages muddied, or affected by stress in general and lack of sleep, but she came to GOS in a terrible state-her hands are shaking, it is impossible to concentrate. As a result, the state exam is blocked and deducted (one week before the defense). The ticket she got was just the simplest, according to her – just a white screen in her head, fog all around, and she couldn't say anything. So be careful.

  27. picamilon + fish oil + niacin (B3)

    the effect is milder than that of racetams, very much helped with apathy and mild depressive disorders.

    it is better to start with half the recommended dose, because tolerance to nootropics is rapidly developing.

    take 5 days a week – 2 days to “cool down”.

    after 4-5 weeks, take a break for a couple of weeks.

  28. I started taking a number of medications when I was very depressed (on the verge of suicide). I took in this mode: immediately upon awakening, a tablet of phenotropil (a strong nootropic with a stimulating effect), caffeine (increases the effect of phenotropil) and three tablets of piracetam (a weaker nootropic without a stimulating effect), as a result, you wake up very easily, you feel very cheerful, mental work is given almost effortlessly, with physical work you feel much less tired. Then, in the late afternoon, when the effect began to weaken, I took ascorbic acid and selmevit multivitamins (ascorbic acid is not recommended to be taken together with piracetam). Well, an hour before bedtime, I took a couple of glycine tablets, it helps to relax, relieve the excited state in which you are all day, and also has a beneficial effect on sleep – you fall asleep very easily, all sorts of thoughts do not enter your head before going to bed, sleep is accompanied by vivid dreams, and six to seven hours are enough for a rash.

    In addition to what I listed above, it is also worth noting that in the second week of taking nootropics, mental activity improves noticeably, the mind becomes clear, the entire emotional background disappears, you become like stone, stress resistance increases greatly, all this is accompanied by a strong weight loss.

    Of the side effects, the most annoying was the constant dry mouth. It is also worth noting that alcohol greatly reduces the effect, although starting from the second week of taking the desire to drink completely disappears.

    After two months of taking it, the positive effect is noticeably reduced, you can of course increase the dosage, but it is better to stop taking nootopes for a while, while continuing to take vitamins. It is advisable to stop taking it gradually, there will be a withdrawal syndrome, but this is not pleasant.

  29. I took phenotropil twice.�

    The first time I had to close a session with debts.

    Alas, all debts could not be closed. The mode has improved, and memorizing has become easier. But laziness is invincible.

    But its antidepressant effect I felt in full. Suddenly, the world came alive, and I made a lot of important decisions for myself. In general, it helps to think very well. For example, I came out of a dead end. Well, after the phenotropil, I realized that I had been depressed for a year and a half.

    The next time I decided on it was last summer, because my colleagues went on vacation, and there was a lot of work to do. This time he helped me think again, and I never had a headache during the month of the appointment. My productivity was excellent, I could do a lot of things at the same time and did not forget anything.

    But I felt its side effects-aggressiveness and a strong desire to sleep in the evening. I also managed to mix it with alcohol. Don't ever do that. Alcohol in combination with phenotropil does not work for a certain time, and then suddenly you are covered. Intoxication occurs very abruptly. I don't remember how I got home that day.�

    True, thanks to the phenotropil, I was able to come to work the next day and work very productively.

  30. Subjective, but rich experience with a thoughtful attitude to the task.

    Brain overclocking is a complex, complex task that requires connecting the entire body to the process.�
    You will not be able to achieve a good full-fledged result without rollbacks or side effects, taking only nootropics.
    There are no magic drugs that work alone. This is either a placebo or negative side effects.�

    The above-mentioned phenotropil and phenibut will adversely affect your health. Someone, quite possibly, will not feel the side effects, but this does not mean their presence at all, read for example the forums of unfortunate people who have been sitting on phenibut for years, unable to give it up. This is all despite the fact that the drug is weak and not very high-quality.�

    Believe me, I have tried 10 nootropics, and these are some of the worst and most unpleasant. Moreover, phenotropil is not really a nootropic at all. Phenotropil is closer in action to psychostimulants. It gives you a powerful boost of energy, increases concentration and socio-analytical functions. It works immediately, with one pill, which is why we love students who take them many, many pills at a time after a sleepless night in the club, the morning before the exam. Accordingly, with low results and big problems.

    Speaking about American drugs such as modafinil, aderal and other countless interesting things, you need to remember that most of them accumulate reserve resources of the body, and if you do not start replenishing them in parallel with a twofold force, then it will all turn out very badly. Primarily for the cardiovascular and nervous systems.�

    But. There is a proven principle that works wonderfully here. You drive more quietly, you'll keep going.�
    But you need to prepare for the fact that the formula “In three days” will not work here, as in any good business.�
    And here, before choosing pills, you need to think about six points, without which the drugs will not work.�

    1. Sleep. High-quality.
    2. Food. The correct one.�
    3. Water. Many.
    4. Physical activity. Moderate ones.
    5. Nicotine. No.�
    6. Alcohol. Just a little wine. Beer – no way.�

    It would be possible to give an explanation on each point, but it seems superfluous to me. The absence of at least one of the items reduces the effect significantly. And in the case of alcohol, it increases the load on the kidneys by the same several times.�

    You also need to think about simulators.�
    It's all very much like a sport. If you eat sports nutrition, take anabolics, drink fat burners, but do not put a load on the muscles, then all these drugs will simply pass through you, and that's all.�
    Therefore, if your activity is minimally related to mental stress, you need to think about it, or why you need it at all.�
    You can give a few points to suggest an idea.�

    1. Educational games.
      2.�Reading complex literature.
    2. Learning poems and mnemonic exercises.
    3. Neurobiology. Doing the usual things in an unusual way. Develops thinking in general. Google it.
    4. Intelligence and logic tests.�
    5. Your direct activity

    Well, now we can talk about the most interesting things.�

    Basic medications.

    1. Pyracetam. The oldest and slowest, but still one of the best. Just do not say that it does not work or does it slowly. In the complex and after the right time, it gives remarkable results without consequences. The manufacturer is also important. I recommend Lucetam. Optimal price-performance ratio. Cheap analogs can be almost useless.�

    2. Noopept.Neuropeptide, improves brain mnestic functions, reduces fatigue. It is a light neuroprotector.

    Additional medications. Required ones.�

    1. Vitamins. As a base, you can make complex decisions. Better than the Americans. �For example, something from the Twinlab office.

    2. Vitamins of group B. I specifically highlight them, since these vitamins are most involved in the metabolic processes of the brain, and when taking nootropic drugs, the need for this group increases.�

    3. Glucose.Glucose plays a huge role in brain processes.

    4. Lecithin.About 30% of brain tissues are made up of lecithins, so for active neuronal sprouting, it is necessary that there is enough “building material”.

    Not mandatory medications, but recommended ones.�

    1. Meldonium ( Mildronate). Yoo-hoo! And here he is. Yes, it's good. No wonder they banned it. I used it before all these stupid stories.�
      A metabolic stimulant that has a cardioprotective effect. In 2012, it was included in the list of vital drugs. Its action is due to the improvement of oxygen supply to tissues, acceleration of cellular metabolism, acceleration of cell recovery. Due to this, the body gets better resistance to damage, an increase in overall physical resistance, and an improvement in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
      Even from this description, it is clear that all this fuss around him is clear why and for what.�

    2. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the absence of sunlight. It is directly responsible for the processes of falling asleep. It is sold in pharmacies as a light sleeping aid and a specific adaptogen-it allows you to quickly get used to changing time zones. Facilitates falling asleep, makes sleep deeper, REM stage-more active (respectively, improves the processing of information during sleep), slightly reduces the need for sleep.�
      Do not buy in pharmacies. There are only one or two types, expensive and not very high-quality. Follow him to sports nutrition stores.�

    3. Vinpocetine. Improve blood supply to the brain.�

    So. Nine points. Not a choice. Take it together, according to the instructions, in no case exceeding the average dosage and course of administration.�

    I know of several alternatives for each of these drugs, but this particular complex has shown remarkable results with zero side effects. On me.�

    I had to shorten this answer by 10 times to avoid making a book. So you can ask additional questions in the comments section or in person.

  31. Phenibut in the morning, phenazepam in the evening. A simple formula for restoring the remnants of the brain even after severe conditions, when you feel that you are already monstrously stupid. The effect, of course, will be shown individually for everyone. Everything went smoothly with me.

  32. I was prescribed pramiracetam (also known as pramistar) and a complex of vitamins B. After a week of taking it, I felt that my memory became better.
    After a couple of years, I tried to take it myself without vitamins and no effect.�
    I think that vitamins will still be more effective. Nootropics make you more irritable and nervous, but yes, your concentration can improve, and your blood vessels can dilate.

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