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  1. As a child, from the age of 7 to 12, I had very severe bronchial asthma, sometimes I could not sleep for months, and of course, no conventional means helped. At the age of 12, I had a course of acupuncture from a Chinese man (crowds went to him), and for more than 20 years I have not had a single attack.

  2. Acupuncture. The result is zero (it is a pity that I used the services of an acupuncturist before I got acquainted with the results of scientific research).

  3. I have experienced a number of executions: from rubbing moonshine, sleeping with honey and cabbage leaves, and even drinking badger fat.
    With all this, my mother treated my bronchitis.
    They brought me to chronic bronchitis, and I was safely kept in the hospital for a month under the supervision of a troll doctor)

  4. Dad has psoriasis. Previously, there were spots on the elbows, knees and forearms, quite large. He smeared it with some hormone ointment, but it didn't work. But thanks to my father's psoriasis, we went to the sea every year for a month with the whole family on the last money instead of repairs and televisions and a new coat for my mother.

    Once in the Healthy Lifestyle newspaper (I don't remember that he actually read it), Dad came across a very clever recipe for treating psoriasis with homemade drops and ointment with a golden mustache (such a plant). And that's all, it helps, there are no spots at all anymore.

  5. Urinotherapy, for example. Someone told my mother that if the child often suffers from acute respiratory viral infections, then you can use a glass. And then the conservative mother did everything possible so as not to use “this chemistry”, which is called pills.�

    Therefore, I drank urine, tested needles, pumped eggs, wore magnets, pricked homeopathy, used home-made tinctures, ate garlic and onions, ate everything natural from the garden.. but damn, it turned out that a course of antibiotics in those cases was preferable. Mom still believes in the healing power of natural things (let it be urine or cucumber from the garden) to this day. And no chemistry and physics, let's do everything “natural”. You can also go to church, because my relatives are sure that the flesh of Christ will cure everything in the world. But they go around coughing and getting a headache every other day.�

    And how much I still forgot, how many interesting things there were-different grandmothers, sorcerers, bioenergetic women, people who are sure that every blade of grass carries healing properties from God. At the same time, we also burned cobwebs, because once this was the only way to escape from “something out there”, and then we sniffed the smoke. My grandmother smeared her burns with cow shit.

    In short, we tried everything, but not adequate and proven methods, and we believe in it to this day. And everything hurts us and life is not beautiful, even if you drown yourself in that urine, even if you smear yourself with homon.�

    These are very real cases.

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