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  1. “When the days start to get dusty and the colors fade, I take Green. I open it on any page, just like they wipe the windows in the house in the spring. Everything becomes bright, bright, everything again mysteriously excites, as in childhood. Green is one of the few people you should have in your travel medicine cabinet against heart obesity and fatigue. With it, you can go to the Arctic and virgin lands, go on a date. He's poetic, he's courageous.”

    This is how the writer Daniil Granin expressed the beneficial effect of Green's Scarlet Sails on the reader.

    “Scarlet Sails” is a symbol of a dream that has become a reality. Assol's dream turned into reality, because she knew how to love the way her father taught her, how to wait and hope against all odds. Surprisingly, her tender heart managed to keep faith in her dream even in the environment where she grew up, among people who “did not know how to tell stories and sing songs.”

    The scarlet silk color of the sails was not chosen by chance. It is the color of joy and beauty. And yet-it is the color of hope, the color of the desire to be happy in spite of everything. Dream, believe in the dream, do not give up and do not give up in the face of difficulties, go ahead without looking back, believe in yourself, because at the end of the road you will definitely smile with happiness. Remember, everything comes for someone who knows how to wait. Waiting is a great art. This is patience, this is hope, this is faith in a dream.�

    Think about it, the author of the story Scarlet Sails, Alexander Green, came up with the idea of the book by accident. It happened in 1916, when he was walking around St. Petersburg, in the window of a store saw a toy boat with white sails. This fleeting vision formed into a fairy tale in his imagination by the 1920s. The book was published in 1923. �

    It's been a hundred years. And the book lives, inspires, instills hope and faith in a bright future. And it starts with the very first step. It is better if you make it, ustemlyayas to a bright dream.�

    “Even a journey of a thousand li starts with the first step.”said the Chinese sage Lao Tzu.�

    Confucius adds:�„It doesn't matter how “slow” you go… as long as you don't ” stop.“

    “When it seems to you that the goal is unattainable, do not change the goal — change your action plan.“

    Wise people knew life. Their parting words are in harmony with the scarlet sails of hope, faith and love. Believe in yourself, hope for the best, and love this wonderful world, discover it for yourself with faith and hope.�

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