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  1. Beauty is about personal perceptions. A large face or a small one can also be beautiful. Both tall and small people.

    For me, beauty is:

    1. Proportions
    2. The proportionality of the features relative to each other, but this is not necessary, because the most beautiful man I saw had a large nose and a small chin.
    3. Beauty of lines, that is, a beautiful nose, mouth, eyes and so on.
    4. Clean skin
    5. Health, which includes good posture
    6. The inner qualities of a person that are always reflected in his appearance – an intelligent, insightful look, an energetic, strong face without a malicious expression, etc.
    7. Beautiful shade of hair and eyes
    8. Compliance of certain characteristics with gender. For example, curls go for women, but a curly man looks funny, wavy or straight hair is more suitable. Rounded hips and a small nose are good for women, but not for men, etc.
    9. As for men, for me personally, a heavy jaw and the so-called “strong”(i.e. heavy) chin are ugly. They spoil even very beautiful men.
  2. I agree with the user above. Yes, beauty is in harmony. Almost any feature, if beautifully combined with the rest, will look beautiful. But one unpleasant cheria can also ruin everything. Now I will be hinted at, but I will say one THING BUT. No man will suddenly become beautiful if he is a”good man” inwardly. Yes, attractive, perhaps. Maybe just nice, but not pretty.

  3. Judging by the picture we are talking about appearance)

    In this regard, I can say that for me personally, beauty is in the “union”. Combined. In harmony. Even big cheeks can be appetizingly beautiful if you have big eyes above. A small nose always looks in harmony with a thin upper lip.

    After all, nature creates everything correctly. Colors, tail length, and brow thickness) It is I who show my protest to today's “dolls”, for whom the ideal has become big eyes, huge lips and eyebrows and a clumsily small nose. This does not include a 40cm waist, but at the same time the 3rd breast size and raskardashyaninuyu ass) We can only help our beauty to be healthy! Moderate sports, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

    But for me, an important feature, after all, is the beauty of the soul. If a person is pure and in harmony with nature, he will have a smile on his face that will make him beautiful!

  4. I was very interested in Joyce's discussion of beauty in his Portrait of an Artist in His Youth. Starting from the formulation of Plato (“Beauty is the radiance of truth”) and the teachings of Thomas Aquinas on beauty (Pulchra sunt quae visa placent, that is, “What is beautiful is pleasant to us to perceive”), he comes to the following conclusions:�

    1. Beauty ( a beautiful girl, a painting, or a landscape) cannot arouse in us a physical emotion (the desire, say, to “possess” the Venus de Milo in the flesh), but only a certain aesthetic “stasis” (either to admire for as long as possible, or to strive to destroy, denying)

    1. “nice”,” stasis ” words are rather vague, but what is certain is that they exclude evaluation categories ( good or bad beautiful girl, landscape or picture is not important, the primary thing is that they are beautiful)

    2. This aesthetic stasis is resolved into the perception of a certain “rhythm of beauty”, that is, a special combination of parts in any aesthetic whole ( a picture, a girl, it doesn't matter). The beautiful is fixed by the imagination as the most favorable combinations and proportions for our senses. Although one and the same picture or girl does not seem beautiful to everyone, but everyone who admires the beautiful finds in it this most favorable ratio, in accordance with their aesthetic development � �

    3. Beauty is characterized by only three properties: integrity, harmony and clarity (evidence) and it is these properties that make it related to truth (for each of its own, subjective) with the only difference that truth is the most favorable combination in the sphere of intelligible for the mind, while beauty is in the sphere of sensuous comprehension for the eyes)

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