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  1. Intellectual fatigue is also called the syndrome of cognitive or sensory-informational exhaustion, which is necessarily accompanied by the risks of pain syndrome, functional failures (for example, the same IBS). Sedentary lifestyle = office syndrome, which increases the risks of these manifestations in this regard, cardio training, sublimation forms of discharge (drawing, music, riding something)are absolutely necessary + create rituals to switch from work mode to rest.

  2. Intellectual fatigue affects physical fatigue in the most direct way.

    Mental work takes a huge amount of energy, it's no secret. And the muscles work on exactly the same energy, which by the end of a hard day simply does not remain. However, this is not all that mental stress requires.

    If work is associated with stress, and in 99% of cases it is associated with it, then the body also produces a whole bunch of stress hormones. The effects of such hormones on the body are quite unpleasant: the digestive processes slow down, the processes of destruction of protein structures to amino acids (muscles) are triggered, strategic energy reserves are used to maintain vital functions, and the function of the human immune system decreases.

    All this generally leads to fatigue of the central nervous system, so the signals sent by the brain to your muscles no longer have the same potential as before the working day. Therefore, the feeling of fatigue after a working day of sedentary work overtakes many, fortunately not all, but still.

    Plus, most of us use coffee at work. Everyone knows that coffee is invigorating and helps you wake up or stay awake. This is all absolutely true, coffee works in a similar way, but no one takes into account the fact that coffee does not give energy — coffee only gives a sense of its presence. Hence, additional energy costs: rapid heartbeat, increased oxygen consumption, increased concentration of attention.

    There are still a lot of factors that can be counted endlessly: lack of sleep, lack of vitamins and nutrients, incorrect body position at work, lack of mobility during the work process, smoking also seriously affects the state of health with mental stress, and thousands and thousands of different factors.

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