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  1. Stress is different from stress. One can inspire and energize us (eustress), the other can be draining and have negative health consequences (distress).

    The question is about distress, as I understand it.

    I am a man myself and I understand how important it is to take into account the specifics of gender, context, culture and social stereotypes. Therefore, I attach links to research to my answer.

    1. Men are less likely to seek help in principle, so stress can be a banal and natural consequence of loneliness, a sense of isolation from the world and a lack of support. Also, men are more likely to leave their own lives.

    To cope with this cause of stress, we build friendly and family friendly, supportive and reliable relationships.

    1. The modern world puts a man under stress even by the fact that there is a crisis of masculinity: that is, it is not clear where the “good and real” man is. Feminists say one thing, traditionally masculine men say another, and your own heart says a third.

    It also complements stress and to cope with it, it is important to be closer to yourself, better understand yourself and your thoughts and feelings (psychotherapy and reflection to help).

    1. According to social stereotypes, a man “should” be domineering, strong, and achieve dominance at any cost. For the sake of traditional (domineering) masculinity, men often make sacrifices: your own well-being and relationships.

    So it's important to shift your focus to achieving a balanced and strong relationship with yourself.

    By the way, here in the article I wrote about why today “It is dangerous to be born a man”, giving examples of why stress in a modern man is very specific.

    Thus, the stress of a modern man is associated with a large number of factors and it is important to work specifically on targets.

  2. Stress in men is no different from stress in women. You can lie down in a warm bath, for example, listen to relaxing music, do a massage, eat your favorite food.

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