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  1. Use Instagram – this is one of the most promising platforms for promoting any creativity. You can post your own paintings, conduct master classes, publish the stages of work on the next project in stories, share secrets and tricks of experienced masters, talk about painting, etc. With the right promotion, you can easily find a target audience that is interested in your product.

    The most important thing is to do everything correctly. Use your business profile, design it correctly, specify a multi-link in the description (you can do it for a fee on Taplink or for free on Aqulas/MeConnect), and follow the same visual style. And actively use all methods of promotion.

  2. 1. Publish your work. The surest way to become famous is to make yourself known. The 21st century allows you to create an online portfolio, edit your work – take advantage of this. It is very important to use everything in your location to build your reputation.

    • Keep your online portfolio updated daily. Add photos of the creation process and final versions.
    • Visit as many galleries as possible and try to get to know the owners. Not necessarily to promote your work, but to get to know other artists. You will still have time to promote your work.
    • Create a Facebook or Instagram account for your artwork. Meet other artists on social media, mark exhibitions as your favorites, and join all kinds of communities.
    • Tweet regularly about art. Also subscribe to updates from other artists and galleries, and comment on their tweets. This way other people will see you and follow you too.
    • Create a profile on Flickr (or any other resource that can be found in the search engine) and publish your work there. This is a fairly active community, with the help of which you can make your name recognizable and meet other talented artists.

    2. Take part in contests. Start with student-level contests and small local contests.

    • Conduct workshops (seminars). This will not only glorify you, but also show that you are a master of your craft.
    • Improve your skills until you get to a more serious, national, or international competition.
    • Take part in contests with judges. Getting into such a competition is a great achievement, and it will look good on your resume. If you have participated in many such contests, then indicate only the most significant ones in your resume.
    • There are quite a few communities in Telegtam that publish announcements about international and Russian contests.

    And most importantly, love what you do! If you have any questions, write to me in Telegram (link next to my name). Good luck and success to you!

  3. Good evening! Now is the time of the Internet and social networks, so you need to actively use these resources for self-promotion. However, you should not just post all your work, you need to come up with a strategy and gradually introduce users to your drawings and your personality. The main thing is to find out how to get people interested. Then there will be discussions, reposts, etc.

    You need to make sure that the quality of uploaded images is high. You should also remember to use hashtags. It is important to keep in touch with your followers, respond to messages and comments.

    You can see how already successful artists conduct their social networks and use their ideas for yourself, or better yet improve them.

    There is also advice to express your opinion about various high-profile events in the world, not necessarily related to art. And express yourself in the form of a drawing, but without violating the laws. Such events always gather a lot of people around, and someone can mark your work and start following them.

  4. Create an Instagram account and upload your work there, over time you can take money for drawing paintings, portraits and tattoo sketches to order))

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