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  1. No way. Moreover, not every psychiatrist will be able to immediately diagnose schizophrenia, since the disease does not always lie on the surface (most patients do not understand that they are sick, and withdrawal into themselves and reducing contact with the outside world is one of the symptoms) and it is quite possible to confuse it with something else. Therefore, if you see deviations from the mental norm in your relatives, you need to contact a psychiatrist who can make a diagnosis, including at home. The earlier treatment is initiated,the lower the risk of further mental disability and relapse.

  2. Option 1. Become a psychiatrist with diagnostic experience.

    Option 2. Have one of your parents diagnosed with schizophrenia. And one of his parents (your grandfather) also had the same diagnosis. And from childhood, you began to repeat all the symptoms that your parent had in his youth.

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