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  1. Start by learning ancient Greek. Language largely sets the principles of thinking, and ancient Greek is so strikingly different from modern languages that we can't even imagine the gap that separates us from antiquity. Our syntax, vocabulary, and rhythm are simply not designed for what in ancient Greece could have been an ordinary conversation between people.For example, we can't imagine what it's like to communicate using 32 verse sizes( only 5 in Russian).

  2. First, you need the right environment. Therefore, make acquaintances among people who are interested in / studying ancient Greek philosophy.

    Further, any story, or thought, comes from the question posed. Apparently, you should choose the direction of interest, and start practicing asking yourself questions, and find answers to them (independently, not with the help of literature).

    If the question is about stylistics, then of course you should get acquainted with the works of philosophers you are interested in.

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