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  1. Dear Alexey,

    The fastest way to increase the speed of thinking is to use certain tools and methods.

    One of the powerful tools is the exact question and the system of questions leading to the answer. For example, if you want to understand Something, then the fastest way is to answer 4 questions:
    “Where did something come from?”
    – Why and who needs something?
    “How does something work?”
    “What is Something?”

    The Guiding Question Method works more strongly.

    In the modern World, the thinking that is given by Nature and the family is not enough.
    I write about this in the Sources of Wisdom community and give examples of proof of this.

    You can “develop” your thinking for a long time, or you can master the tools and methods to solve previously unsolvable problems.

    All Reasonable Things!

  2. Thinking fast means making optimal decisions quickly, tracing cause-and-effect relationships and taking into account all the circumstances of the situation. The decline of thinking as a cognitive function leads to a general decline in the brain's performance and deterioration of its other functions.�

    It is important to constantly maintain the tone of the brain, even without interrupting daily activities. Here are some life hacks::

    • Find connections between seemingly unrelated things. For example, what unites a wristwatch, pencil, home slippers, and cactus? This way you will develop flexibility of thinking and learn how to find causal relationships.

    • Eliminate one of the feelings when doing the usual things: for example, take a shower with your eyes closed, clean the house in earplugs. This helps to increase the concentration of attention and stimulates thinking.

    • Create and draw mazes with many dead ends and exits: for example, while waiting in line. This forms visual-imaginative and systematic thinking.

    • Discover new ways to use common items, such as a lock key. This develops imagination and flexibility of thinking, which allows you to approach problems faster and more comprehensively.

    • Solve riddles and puzzles in between work. This stimulates thinking, develops logic and observation, which as a result contributes to increasing intelligence.

    • Practice various creative techniques, such as freehand drawing, working in graphics programs,and any new type of needlework. You can also visit exhibitions, museums, and installations. In addition to new skills, it develops visual and imaginative thinking.

    • Refute your own beliefs: for example, look for other explanations for the usual things. It develops critical thinking and awareness.
      Such exercises are useful as a “feed”, but if you want to seriously engage in stimulating cognitive functions of the brain, you need a system. This system is built by the online service Wikium. This is a Russian developer of online brain simulators that are based on scientific methods. When registering on the site, you are offered an introductory test that determines your abilities – attention, memory and thinking. Based on the results, an individual training program is compiled in such a way that stronger functions develop weaker ones, and the development occurs evenly. Daily exercises will develop the habit of” loading ” the brain regularly, not allowing it to fall in performance in general, and thinking in particular.

    1. Learn to see the essence of the situation. What exactly is going on? The essence of the problem. The essence of the question. The essence of the conflict. This helps you cut out excess items, which increases your speed.�
    2. Use blocks, not individual concepts. For example, there are certain signs that the person who communicates with us is nervous. They are very familiar to many, it is unlikely that we will confuse someone who is nervous with someone calm. By this analogy, you can easily learn to define something else for yourself. If the speed of communication with people is important to you, it learns to correctly identify their reactions, states, and so on faster. And so on.�
    3. Combining mental articulation with the use of other ways of thinking. For example, you can often say something inside yourself for a long time, or you can express what you have come up with with some poster or picture that will form what you need right now. It comes with practice and saves time, as there are a lot of things encrypted in one image.�
    4. Speed up the pace of mental utterance. It's trite to start talking mentally faster.�
    5. Generally work on the speed of your reactions.�
    6. Get enough sleep, don't drink too much alcohol, and try to get out of stress. All of this can slow you down.�
    7. Focus on the topic of reflection. Anything that is distracting, time-consuming, and can easily throw you off the pace of thinking.�
    8. Play different games where it is important to respond quickly, make quick decisions, and think fast. There are a lot of them here.
  3. If we assume that thinking is reduced to solving problems then we need to approach them in ways that are proven by mathematics�

    • Training: from simple to complex.
    • Using standard solutions for similar tasks
    • Breaking down complex tasks into simple steps. Algorithmization.
    • And once again training: use the help of the gym. You just need to memorize ready-made solutions and not waste time inventing a bicycle.
      It's not about creating something that didn't happen before you. For such tasks, you can't do without drugs. True, there is giftedness-a talent from God. It's like Asterix and Obelix. Someone to connect to the great network in which everything has been there for a long time and always needed drugs (talented musicians are all drug addicts) and someone is gifted from birth.
  4. concentration and self-confidence give you a lot.

    As far as I know, the thought process is the formation of neural connections. �Try to follow less patterns. The more often you find yourself in situations where you need to think urgently, the faster your thinking will become. Constant practice produces results. I myself am not a genius of thought, but theoretically I am from observing other people and myself.

  5. Play soccer! Speed of thinking in this game is a very important quality. An experienced coach (and even a beginner) can teach you how to think fast in football very well. If you can do this in football, then in real life you will notice how the speed of thinking and analyzing situations will change! You will have to think a lot and quickly, very quickly.

  6. you can increase the speed of anything with the following drugs: amphetamine, methylphenylethylamine, dextroamphetamine, racemic amphetamine, methamphetamine, levamphetamine

  7. Solve people's problems. Work as a programmer or remote technical support engineer ( just an engineer, not an operator). In large companies, or rich enough to automate their work processes. When you receive a variety of tasks in the conveyor mode, and you have a target date for their solution-learn to think quickly and in several directions at the same time. People can do things that you don't see in years. No routine , but then the neurons burn, yes.

  8. In other words, how to stop being a brake?)))

    I will answer from my professional experience…… sometimes the delay in answering solves the essence of the question…. in other words, maybe you don't need to improve anything? Maybe this resistance is your superpower?

    Just think about it.

  9. It is better to increase not the speed of thinking, but the speed of implementation of the results of thinking. Otherwise, you will think quickly, but not have time to do anything. And the world will be plunged into darkness. �)

    For this purpose, it is recommended to engage in certain activities that develop communication between the hemispheres, such as dancing, acrobatics, shooting, drawing, versification, and especially calligraphy.

  10. There are a huge variety of options for increasing the speed of thinking, but the best, proven over the years and just the simplest way is amphetamine, or another accelerating substance (for example, cocaine, if you have a lot of money, of course).

  11. If we keep in mind the speed of thinking, and not the speed of answering the interlocutor's questions, then this is just a matter of practice,our brain can easily adjust to other speeds, but we will have to sacrifice the depth of thinking. The ideal option is to master at least 2 ways:
    – think quickly, almost intuitively
    -conduct a deep analysis of one problem

  12. 1) Simplify thinking before choosing one of the template answers. You can answer everything very quickly with “I don't care”.

    2) Take apart parasitic unconstructive inappropriate template thinking (oh, I probably look like an idiot again and mumble, we urgently need to think faster”).

    3) Disable post-processing, i.e. internal critic and editor (oh, and if I say this and he gets offended?!). Tell him that speed is more important right now, and if there are disagreements and misunderstandings, then we will somehow resolve this matter, apologize if necessary, and make a clearer and more polite message.

    4) Speak your thoughts out loud, so that your senses can rely on what has been said and done.

    5) Believe in your own mind. Go ahead. In a moment of deadlock, ask yourself questions and look for answers. Be prepared for mistakes and backtracking in arguments and arguments.

    6) There are probably a ton more ways…

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