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  1. Given the experience of “fathers”, you can be more prepared for the future life. I would add a few words about the desirability of avoiding past mistakes, but almost all of what we call significant mistakes happen only because we are human. We cannot continue our existence without feelings and emotions, which, in turn, lead some of us to the troubles we have already passed.
    An obedient daughter will grow up sooner or later and she will have to leave home. Despite all the warnings of a caring mother (to avoid guys with Lermontov's character), the girl can still ” light a fire in her eyes.” This would most likely be due to an elementary dissatisfaction with physiological needs. And what if a strict father asks his son not to marry at an early age, and he suddenly meets the love of his life and ignores his instructions? How could it be otherwise?
    Such an inevitability should not upset us. On the contrary, it gives life more meaning and unpredictability.

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