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  1. In the horoscope, during the time until the baby is wiped, almost nothing will change, the positions of astrological houses will shift slightly, so little that we can say-insignificant. The position of all the planets in the horoscope will not change at all.

  2. In fact, you're right. Time is a very necessary thing in mapping a person. According to human design (and astrology is part of it), certain planets affect a person at certain times, and certain particles from the quantum-level cosmos pass through the human body when it is born.

    but as far as I know, minutes or seconds don't really matter here. The main thing is the hour or even the time of day-morning, afternoon, evening or night.

    when a child is in the womb, he is considered one with her. But when he is born, he finds his own separate physical body.

  3. To do this, there is a procedure called “rectification”.

    Rectification is the calculation of the time of birth based on the comparison of events in the birth chart and events in life.�

    If the time of birth is known accurately, then the astrologer can predict, with a fairly high accuracy, the events that will occur.�

    It is also possible to solve the inverse problem-having the exact time of events that have already occurred, the astrologer moves the map back and forth for how many minutes, until you get a time whose map describes all the events in a person's life.�

    As my mentor used to say, “This is a bloody job, but it shows the level of skill of an astrologer.”

  4. For this purpose, there is rectification (clarification of the astrologer's time of birth), there are a lot of methods for this. An experienced astrologer even recreates the time during the day (when it is not known at all). Time to seconds – it is very important to know for work and what is written on the tag-this is not the time to “turn on the horoscope”, which can be used by an astrologer without looking.

  5. You can use the Chinese astrology Ba Tzu. The Chinese, as always, are smarter and more cunning ))

    This predictive system uses two-hour timings. That is, the day (24 hours) is divided into 2 hours and it turns out 12 possible intervals of birth time. For example, if a person is approximately born in the period from 7-10 to 7-40, and the two-hour period goes from 7 to 9, then the minutes of birth do not matter much.

    But if the child was born on the border of two hours, for example, at 7-02, 8-57, then you need to specify the time based on events.

  6. You're thinking in the right direction. Astrology is not friendly with logic at all. And the exact time of birth up to the minute is generally incalculable, because childbirth does not take place quickly, and for some time the child is generally half in the outside world… Is he already born or not yet? By the way, the baby in the mother's stomach is actually already alive. But for astrologers, for some reason, no…

    And I've always wondered why astrologers need absolute accuracy of the date of birth. And if you determine it with an error of half an hour, the stars and planets will move very much, and the child will grow up not as an athlete, but as a musician? No, this is just another ploy to justify your “science” when it turns out that it didn't work. They say that this is not astrology bullshit, it is your date of birth that is incorrectly determined (for a fee, you will even be “rectified”, which Mr. Maltsev described)

    (And yes, the author of the question, judging by your profile, you have two university degrees. And you're still serious about astrology, natal charts, and all that nonsense?)

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