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  1. To comprehend the highest knowledge – esotericism. It is the esoteric knowledge of the last time that has given me the answers to all the questions that have been and will be given to me, because the coming of Christ has taken place for the second time.

    PS: read the books of Seklitova L. A., Strelnikova L. L. and much will become clear.

  2. “The world is a huge city reflected in a mirror. The universe is also a huge reflection, our reflection in our own consciousness, ” says the Yoga Vasistha, an ancient Vedic text. This is the soul of all things. We are all particles of non-local reality, pretending to be human beings. Ultimately, everything is spirit. On the physical level-we call it “real life” – the soul becomes an observer in the world of the observed. Surveillance consists of three components. The first component is the object of observation (this is a component from the material world). The second is the process of observation (mind level). The third is the observer himself; this observer we call the SOUL. “Our traditional ideas about the nature and essence of consciousness are at the level of children's ideas. They are conspicuous, crude, and not suitable to explain the true nature of consciousness.” Consciousness is not generated by the brain, it is not localized in the person and is not fixed in time. Consciousness is eternal!!! With respect.

  3. First, we will study all the main things that God told people and what the best people on Earth said about God (this was taught, among others, by Thoth-Atlantean (Also known as Hermes-Trismegistus at His next Divine Incarnation), and Pythagoras, and Krishna, and Gautama Buddha, and Jesus Christ, and Sathya Sai Babaji Divine Teachers of later eras and our modern times. (This information is most fully presented in the book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and Modernity”).

    Then we will get rid of all bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol and other ” dope”, we will bring our food in accordance with ethical and medical standards (food should be death-free out of compassion, this is important for improving the soul and improving the body).

    Ethically significant mistakes of our past should be analyzed, sincerely repent of all those actions where we caused someone pain and other troubles or did not help someone, although we should have done it. This will be repentance before God. And the meaning of it is to get rid of vices, cultivate the missing positive qualities in yourself and learn not to sin anymore. Let us understand that God perceives at any moment any thought of each person. And to convey it to God, you don't need any intermediaries or special rituals.

    Introducing fundamental worldview knowledge into the mentality of society about the meaning of our lives and the correct relationship of a person with the world around him, including God, and working with the spiritual heart (for this there is a method of shifting consciousness, you need to learn to feel your head (with eyes, ears, lips) … – in the chest), among other things, would help significantly reduce the levels of aggression, crime, drug addiction, suicide, and morbidity (both somatic and mental).
    After all, in particular, if there is no such understanding, then the natural dominant incentive to the actions of most people is only primitive selfishness. It is from here that the greatest number of various crimes arise: bribery, extortion, robbery and theft, rape, etc.
    From God's point of view, people, for the sake of their correct evolution, should learn to live not for themselves, but for the good of other people, for God's sake.

    Falsehood, greed, theft, cruelty to living beings-all this will disappear when people will have true spiritual knowledge. For all human vices are caused by a lack of knowledge (it is important to study true spiritual knowledge — those who preach morality and humanism and learn to live in accordance with it, and not with the morality imposed by false pastors and criminal “authorities” of various scales).

    There is a higher patriotism-this is the unification of people with a sense of the Father-God (Creator) as their Highest Hierarch (God is also called in other languages the Heavenly Father, God the Father, the Creator, the Original, in ancient history the Slavs called Him Svarog and so on. He is also the Supreme Teacher and Goal of each of us), and our homeland is His Creation or even the universe. In this case, all people and other incarnate and non-incarnate beings of the universe are members of one single family of brothers and sisters of different ages — children of the One loving God the Father.

    What does God want from us?
    The development of caring, respect for the worthy, the ability to forgive the mistakes of others, to help them, sacrificing their interests, even their lives-these are the most important and necessary aspects of love, the main aspect of perfection.

    Someone may now object: how can you become better when there is so much evil around?!

    But that very evil also takes its proper place in the Evolutionary Process. With its help, people of Good learn what not to be.

    God is interested in people improving themselves, including and above all, ethically (by cultivating emotions of love and (intelligently) introducing non-attachment to “earthly” goods into their lives). That is why He shows His Love for everyone — in different ways (sometimes very painful), trying to wean them from ethically inadequate actions.

    Everything is just a lesson to be learned.
    Souls are reincarnated in material physical bodies for the purpose of growth and development.
    The life of God is an Evolution, i.e. a continuation of the development of His Universal Organism.
    It is for this very purpose that He creates material worlds in one part of the universe, then in another, and places tiny particles of His energy in the latter – so that these particles grow and eventually flow into Him, enriching Him with themselves, this is His life.
    Each of us in our personal evolution has already passed through many incarnations – before getting into the current human body.
    We must make every effort to find our own Divinity and merge with It, as well as help others to do so.
    And to Divinity we go through:
    – developing love for all living beings and for the Creator.

    God keeps track of what a person chooses — improvement or degradation, giving us some “temptations”.

    In His Creation, the Creator created the appropriate conditions for incarnate people to master love.
    First of all, attunement with the harmony and beauty of nature, especially in the morning, can be a great help in this!
    Those who have firmly chosen the Creator as their Pilot-their Goal-will no longer be caught up and enslaved by the problems of things and events in the material world.

    Esoteric development of the emotions of love:
    We visualize the sun in our chest, with rays-handles.

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