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  1. Mode. It's all about him. If you always have a broken schedule, eat poorly or experience prolonged stress-a blanket with a pillow will keep you hostage.
    Maybe getting up without alarm clocks with my advice will not work right away, but it never hurts to make your life easier.

    I'll tell you what personally helped me in this situation:

    1. Go to bed at the same time. Not at two or three o'clock in the morning, of course, so that you don't run out of bed at six or seven in the morning.

    2. Place the alarm clock next to you. But if you have already learned how to disable it on autopilot, then we change tactics and put it where you will have to get up and disable it.

    3. If you use an alarm clock on your phone, try changing the ringtone from time to time.

    4. Try to eat moderately and properly. If you starve, you lose your strength.�

    5. If you have bad habits, then you should at least not abuse them and keep yourself in good shape. At least the same smoking before going to bed may not give you the necessary relaxation in order to fall asleep safely.

    In conclusion, I will say this:

    If you still opened your eyes, then no “five more minutes”. Don't close your eyes. It's a trap!

  2. And I usually do not put next to it, if you really need not to oversleep, and away, but loud and cheerful melody. By the time you reach it, you'll have time to remember that it's time to get up.

  3. I have been having serious problems with sleep for several years now – I don't sleep for two nights, I wake up in the morning, then I fall asleep only in the morning. And the only thing. what helps me to sleep at least somehow is the regime. And here's what the alarm clock is for-if you get used to going to bed at a certain time (by calculating how much you need to sleep – because all people have different times, that is, someone has enough 6 hours, and someone even 10 hours will not be enough to get enough sleep – you should measure this yourself), then you will wake up in a few days exactly at the moment when your alarm should sound. For example, to get enough sleep, you need the standard 8 hours of sleep, you also need to wake up at 8, so that, for example, you can leave the house at 9 and be at work at 10. Therefore, you need to go to bed around midnight. After a while, even if you go to bed at 2 or even 3 am, you will still wake up at the same time as you used to get up, even if you didn't get enough sleep. The main thing is not to break the regime for two or more consecutive days.

  4. Get a very loud alarm clock, set the volume to maximum, make the most disgusting signal. You can set multiple alarms instead of just one. Put the alarm clock near the head, that is, near the pillow. I think that if your hearing is fine, you will definitely wake up to a loud noise under your ear. When you get up every day at the same time, you develop a habit, and then you will wake up 1-10 minutes before the bell rings. Verified!�

    Namely, it is almost impossible to learn how to wake up yourself. Well, more precisely, the chances are unlikely. There is a technique of autosuggestion: before going to bed for 2-3 hours, constantly think about what you need to get up at a certain time. I woke up a couple of times before important exams, when I was afraid to oversleep too much.

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