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  1. This is an extremely mysterious question, and it is difficult to understand it. It is difficult for me to understand what kind of arrogant-redneck attitude we are talking about. David Lynch is a wonderful filmmaker, a real genius. whose films are truly fascinating and beautiful. Many critics and directors have argued that cinema is the art closest to dreams. In this case, it should be added that the films of David Lynch, like no other, prove this thesis. As for contemporary art… For me, this concept does not exist. After all, both “Blue Velvet” and” Legally Blonde 2 ” – all this is a manifestation of that very modern art. There is only one salvation, Melville's precept: “One must have taste.”

  2. You either have this relationship or you don't. You can only support it artificially by feeding on the same mood, that is, David Lynch or others like him. Try not to watch his films, and if you don't lose such an “arrogant-redneck attitude”, then apparently you really perceive art in this way. Otherwise, it will be a temporary feeling received from this kind of art.

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