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  1. My approach to this is to accept that truth is subjective and stop discussing it.

    In other words:”For me now there is one truth, and the truth of others is only their opinion and it has nothing to do with me.

    The only answer I use is, “For you, it is.”

    Interesting changes happen to people when they come to the conclusion that everything is subjective. This often leads to an awareness of personal boundaries, separation from parents, and restoration of personal security…

    I am interested in the opinion of religious people who rely on the Bible and, at the same time, the interpretation is individual and, in most cases, comes down to supporting the church either morally or physically.

  2. The only way is to constantly make choices and take responsibility for the consequences. This is the main burden of human existence.

    After all, you don't really need all the points of view, as if if you put them together, you can “not miss anything”. There is a lot of unnecessary junk that makes no sense to fill your head with. What you need is a point of view that will make your life better, or at least not make it worse. You can come to it through trial and error in the selection process.

  3. The very realization that you can be wrong is a huge advance in human thinking. Unfortunately, not everyone survives to this stage of the formation of a mature person.

    The next step is to realize that someone else's opinion does not affect you in any way. They affect people's actions, not their opinions.

    Then you need to understand that there is no objective meaning to life, but there is pleasure and pain and nothing but boredom in the middle. This is for non-creators, of whom there are only a few, and the conversation is special about them.

    And then just live.

  4. Your problem is that you are probably very much engaged in mental activity and at the same time very much exposed to religious influence. This is a direct route to a psychiatric hospital. Focus on caring for others. Do more physical work and physical education. When only the brain is strained in the human body, and the muscles do not work, then people go crazy.

  5. Perhaps the realization that everything in the world is interconnected is not accidental and fulfills its purpose even when it seems unnecessary or monstrous, and multipolar views on phenomena help to get closer to the manifestation of their true essence — this is the true humility that many religions talk about.

  6. How does Orthodoxy relate to this, you need to ask the priest, or read the lives of saints or A. I. Osipov, or go to the website of the Borovsky Orthodox psychotherapist.ru maybe there you will find useful information for yourself.

  7. It is not necessary for a person to remain subjective in everything and to everything, but as for society as a whole and its rules, alas, it so happened that objectivity has long lost its relevance and is sometimes considered unacceptable

  8. Very simple. Free your consciousness from the addictions that every person in the century is rich in, and voluntarily, although the puppeteers always help to do this. As a real example, all possible ads that you see, hear, and even put in your pies and food. This is one of the dependencies of the modern world. There are also older religions, esotericism, fundamental science, food and drink, mysticism, science fiction, and so on.

    In reality, the mind has become a trash can, where games are played that distract from reality, which you no longer carry in the mind, as you see it/reality, through rose-colored glasses-DEPENDENCIES of all sorts and varieties, on different topics.

  9. Get busy, comrade. Then there will be no time to go into the deeper questions of existence, which you will not be able to influence. It must have taken you a long time to get into this mess.

  10. You are confused and confused by the fact that everyone has a different point of view, but their own, and you do not have it and you do not know which one is closer to you from the already prepared ones. And neither religion nor Christianity will help you if you look for ready-made, but someone else's answers. Do you want to be “right” like everyone else? But even in faith, everyone believes differently. Everyone has their own life, their own “sins”. Even the commandments of Christ are just a direction on the path of a righteous life. If someone with the best intentions gives you accurate advice and recommendations, they change your fate, change your worldview to their own. It is your subjective view, your own choice that makes you a Human Being, not a sheep.

  11. And Orthodoxy treats this situation ambiguously.

    Awareness is followed by consciousness.

    Awareness is not enough for a Christian or other believer.

    Wandering after finding the state of “I am at home” turns into the only possible path of a person. After all, the other is no longer a self in the past.

    Where is not subjectivity?

    In actions. The material part of life is quite objective.

    Items can be used as non-living objects.

  12. Well, you have the example of Jesus Christ, how did he know how to behave ? Did you call God ? No, I decided it myself. Hence the affinity between liberal and Christian values. And the church is the crowd that killed him. Decide for yourself how to live and what path to follow. And if you really want to, it is never difficult to figure out what is good and what is bad in any life situation. No “society” or “objective” is needed for this. Will it lead you to happiness ? No, it won't. Do you need it ? Happiness in the crowd ? Again, decide for yourself …

  13. Just recognize that the subjectivity of everything around you is the subjective opinion of the subjective demon of the subjective crowd (read what it is in Francis Bacon). And then eat delicious food and play snowballs with friends, make love regularly, because material goods are a reality given to us in feelings.

  14. Of course, you think that you may go crazy out of habit, if you are used to the fact that you have not had examples of different points of view, evidence and arguments before. Just take it more calmly, everyone can make mistakes and make mistakes. It happens that someone else deliberately misleads people in order to get some kind of benefit(not necessarily financial). If you yourself were wrong about something and your point of view was refuted, this is not a reason to be very upset, and in many cases it can be a reason to rejoice, because if you get rid of some misconception, you become a little smarter, and your picture of the world in this case becomes a little more accurate. If you overcome some misconception, you can get something useful for yourself, or at least it just wakes up interesting. Take a look at the arguments, evidence, and practice that exist on this or that issue. Based on this, you can draw certain conclusions. Competent conclusions should also be able to make.

    In terms of religion. They have various unbreakable dogmas on which faith is built. But on other issues, including even religious ones, they can also have disputes, discussions and different interpretations. They can gather councils and there work out various decisions about what to do, how to interpret what, and how to relate to what.

    In ordinary life, there are still not only disputes based on providing and searching for objective evidence and arguments aimed at finding the truth, but also disputes based on defending some of their own interests or direct benefits. In such cases, you need to see such interests, then you will see what the person is driving at and for what he leads some arguments or emotionally proves something to you with foam at the mouth. Then you need to look at hidden or even not so hidden motives, and not just at the evidence and arguments.

  15. I just advise a person to get used to it. The brain is plastic. After living in such a diverse world for a while, you'll slowly adapt.

    As it should be, at first you will pretend that there is no variety, then you will get angry at him, then you will fall into apathy, but after a while you will get involved and start liking him. There are a lot of bonuses in this variety.

    If you are a Christian, then this is more difficult. The church demands to be monotonous, and this somehow does not fit in with reality sometimes. Humility helps me in this situation. Which is not available, but can be acquired. And so it slowly turns out, with God's help. Now you accept the Church as it is, now the world, now yourself, and you don't go mad.

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