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  1. It depends on the nature of unpleasant thoughts. Can it interpret them in the opposite way? Most often, such ideas, which weigh us down and lead us into a state of apathy and depression, were the companions of great writers and philosophers. Feel free to enter this pool, the only way you will understand that this is just a mind game. Look for answers from science. From physical balance in the body, to psychological.

  2. Get busy. That's the truth, no kidding. Unpleasant thoughts (whatever they are associated with) are very intrusive, annoying, and noisy. And they arise when a person, so to speak, remains in silence. The lack of practical training drives a person into depression. Imagine you are lying in bed all day, degraded for another portion of NOT (emphasize three times) a good TV series, and your most unpleasant thoughts from thoughts in the background are turning every minute into a loud voice in your head. It's crazy, isn't it? At such moments, you need to get up and force yourself to do something. Clean up, pump your abs, cook, knit socks, go to work on the weekend. This will encourage you to simply get distracted. It will be much easier for you, believe me. And the solution to your problems will come to your fresh and busy head much faster)

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