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  1. So, each time:�

    1) collect a gang of Pushkin, 2 Napoleons, a sociopathic penguin and an ancient Greek god.

    2) You find weapons (sharpened pencils, a broken leg from a stool).

    3) You start a riot (it is better to do this during dinner, as the staff will not be very attentive and it is better to hide in the dark).

    4) Ideally, you will need a hostage, preferably someone from the staff, as well as a plan for an “Entertainment Venue” and a force outside these walls, that is, a car to hide, as well as a key.

    5) Further according to circumstances.

  2. Let's say you have typical schizophrenia and Korsakov's syndrome. Memory impairment, hallucinations, disorientation in space. And judging by your question, you're starting to realize that you're sick. I'm asking you a question in response. If you don't realize it, for example, you start seeing faces in the windows, then when you go to work, you suddenly realize that you are in an abandoned building and it's not 9:20, but 19:40 and you don't understand what is happening. Do you want to get rid of it? Sure. So do people who have criticism of their condition. It's a movie cliche that all mentally ill people are put in a straitjacket, injected with haloperidol in the neck and thrown into a dark punishment cell. Believe me, people with schizophrenia behave 1000 times more calmly than, for example, people in a state of alcoholic intoxication who are in intensive care. I tell you from experience.

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