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  1. If there are no medical problems, then you just need to constantly train your brain, it technically works like a muscle in this regard, although it is not. Engage in intellectual activity. Read books and magazines. Solve puzzles, crosswords, crosswords, sudoku and more.

    There is also the queen of sciences mathematics-Lomonosov himself said that there is nowhere without it, and believe me, if you do not pay a certain amount of attention to mathematics, thinking that after school you will no longer have to – in vain. If you do math yourself , it's very interesting and useful, but everyone just needs their own approach.

    When you work like this a lot, you don't notice the result, but it's normal. And it seems that the opposite is true, because everything may seem routine to you. try to dilute your type of activity. Learn new songs. find new puzzles. You can't get hung up on one thing, but if you always get hung up on one thing, it will only get worse. you need to have a change of activity.

    But in addition to just doing it, you need to have physical activity. That is, physical activity depends on intellectual activity or intellectual activity depends on physical activity. This phenomenon is also known as psychosomatics.

    No matter how parodox it may sound, but a person who is exclusively engaged in sports just to have physical strength and not developing his intelligence will lose a lot, it will be more difficult for him to master, and if this is a competitive sport, then with physical advantages, he will lose due to non-indifference of strategy and tactics, as well as training schemes and self-control.

    Similarly, with intelligence, if you sit on the couch 24/7 and solve puzzles like Rubik's cube, then over time, even what you know, you will start to forget. Because if the whole body does not work, then the brain will not work either. And the blood must be dispersed and every part of the body is activated. And even each limb as a lever, makes not only the intestines and heart work, but also the brain.

    Well, you also need a balanced diet – and vitamins, too.

    Refrain from taking things like Glycine and Valerian! Because they slow down the brain more than they help. A simple example. The student ate enough glycine before the test. I've memorized everything. He knows everything. And he can. But he can't remember, because the brain is relaxed from Glycine and can't open certain parts of memory.

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