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  1. It's a lot of work. Initially, you should find out what you mean by being stupid. As far as it corresponds to reality. If there is a problem, then you need to find out what exactly the problem is. Then start solving it by creating special exercises for you. This is a lot of individual work.

  2. Fast thinking only means having well-developed thought patterns. For example: evaluation — identifying the main thing — searching for an analog in memory — risk assessment — making a decision. And there is another scheme: evaluation — the first action at random. You most likely have: an assessment-a decision to get scared — a long search for a disclaimer.

    The brain likes to simplify everything, it loves everything familiar. Therefore, he chooses what is convenient and familiar. A well-developed scheme means making a split-second decision. We can congratulate you, you decide to “get scared” and “do nothing” in 0.01 seconds, and your “braking” is already a product, not a thinking process. You have already thought and decided to “blunt”, as it is more familiar.

    You can change this by switching to a different way of thinking. But it is very difficult. Start by looking at known cognitive biases.

  3. You need to develop the ability to think quickly, I would call it that. You need to start by improving your educational level, expanding your horizons. Read books, preferably with a fast-paced plot. Participate in discussions, first of all in the areas that you know best. Train your self-control and the ability to pause in the dialogue. In general, you can learn more easily with the help of a knowledgeable person.

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