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  1. How can you understand what people are what?

    Your aliens obviously have a concept of intelligence. So there are also signs of reasonable behavior. If their signs of intelligent behavior are the same as mine, they will look for signs of culture. And culture is a completely objective concept, clearly different from just “movement”. If you don't see these differences, are you reasonable?

  2. Mind is an indefinite concept , but if a person can understand what another person feels , his mood, then he will already be reasonable, the first stage is if a person is dissatisfied with something and tries to make his life better and comes up with devices to improve his life – technological progress , the second stage is reasonable , the next stage is to understand the structure of the world and use this knowledge to your advantage : for example , what is electricity and how to create it , chemistry and the production of certain chemicals , astronomy and the study of the movement of planets, etc .

  3. You're wrong, the structures we make distinguish us from animals, spacecraft , the hadron collider, pyramids in Egypt, an atomic bomb that can be detonated so that we can be seen from space !

  4. Interaction with the external environment in animals is somehow not very similar to the use of artificially synthesized materials by humans, at least, don't you think? Or will highly evolved beings not notice the difference in technology differences? Okay, let's get through. You will not be killed in a foreign country, because someone marks this territory, people do not follow the template instincts, which will be very noticeable even for another civilization. There are still a huge number of reasons.�

  5. Technology, civilization. Have you ever seen cities with animals? And tower cranes? And the tools? And diverse speech? What about one animal wearing the skin of another?

    I'm not. “Martians”, I'm sure, too.)))

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