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  1. This is a very interesting and at the same time controversial issue.

    Traditionally, it is believed that one of the first arts was rock painting. But why did people start painting in caves?

    There is a version that this was part of rituals, for example, people threw spears at painted animals to get good luck in hunting (sometimes such marks are found). Or it was the first stories about the structure of the world.

    There is a version that in a semi-lit and sometimes smoky cave, people had hallucinations and floating visions that prompted someone to project the image on the wall and fix it.

    There is finally a version that the drawings were a way to increase their status, visually demonstrating their prowess and trophies (real ones – they could steal). This, however, is somewhat contradicted by the fact that sometimes drawings are found in hard-to-reach places.

    There are a dozen more extravagant theories. For example, about primitive porn (they drew something that aroused them) or even that early homo sapiens did not have a developed left hemisphere (logic and speech), and therefore they first learned to draw, and only then to speak.

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