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  1. Let knowledgeable people correct me, but as far as I know, our brain produces a variety of substances as a result of its activity. Among other things, our brain releases melatonin.

    The peculiarity of melatonin is that it accumulates in the body during the day and during the night, from midnight to 5 am, we can observe its maximum concentration. It is the increased level of melatonin that is associated with falling asleep.

    Melatonin is associated with the regulation of other processes in the body and disruption of its production is associated with many oncological diseases and accelerated aging. Therefore, if possible, try to sleep at night (:

  2. If you do not look at the question from the absurd point of view of creationists, intelligent man is the result of a long evolutionary process, starting from anaerobic bacteria (they do not need air for existence), and ending with the current generation – Homo Sapiens.

    Accordingly, the need for sleep gradually began to manifest itself in animals with a developed central nervous system, and in order to plunge into sleep, they did not need to understand the need for this.

    You don't wonder how people learned to breathe, do you?)

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