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  1. However, according to God's permission – this was the Creator's plan-good must be tested by evil, temptations, its nature must be revealed, etc.�

    Since the Covenant and Commandments of God already existed in Eden, the possibility of choosing between good and evil presupposes some kind of evil ( otherwise, how could it be chosen?)

  2. In general, I will split the response into two tag tags:

    1) the image of God in the Bible is mutating. From author to author, from book to book. yes and NZ and OT. So the image of the serpent in the Bible mutates. In the book of Job, Satan is the avenging angel, the punishing angel. And it performs this specific function. At the request of God. In the gospels, it is strongly mutated, and even humiliated contemptuously by the author. The serpent as an image of a cunning beast in Genesis at first did not have a negative meaning and, probably, a connection with the devil, too. The serpent was revered and respected throughout Mesoppotamia… the snake, as a creature that can sting and quickly kill any strong and brave person, frightens with its power, makes you respect yourself. Therefore, it is cultivated in almost all cultures. But if it is sacralized in Asia, it is demonized in Mesopotamia. The truth is different among the Egyptians… and among the Assyrians, too, it was revered. And the Assyrians have always been enemies of the Sumerians, so everything that is good for them is automatically bad for the Sumerians. The origins of this legend go back to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the very first written legendarium of the ancient world, Sumerian. Then only these myths and related cults were transformed into Jewish ones. by the way, as soon as this happened, there was a witch hunt, a search for the guilty inside their own texts, which Gilgamesh does not have. In Gilgamesh, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as well as the tree of life, are not associated with any fall from grace. they describe it indirectly.

    2) Finally, read the book of Genesis itself before asking a question. It says that in Eden there were all kinds of animals and Adam gave them names. And the snake is just like one of them. That's all. The serpent has become, in a sense, an instrument of God in the great game.

  3. “…thus saith the Lord God: Thou art the seal of perfection, the fulness of wisdom, and the crown of beauty… You were in Eden, in the Garden of God …You were the anointed cherub to overshadow, and I set you up for that… Your heart is filled with unrighteousness, and you have sinned; and I have cast you down as an unclean thing from the mountain of God; I have driven you out, O overshadowing cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire… ” – Ezekiel 28.

    These excerpts from the Bible help to understand that the Anointed cherub, who was in the Garden of Eden, where only Adam and Eve happened to live, was entrusted with the duty of Teaching these two people (the overshadowing cherub – that is, giving knowledge). But later (Genesis, Chapter 3), this Heavenly Teacher of Humanity wanted to teach Eve to break God's prohibition of “not eating (alone)”. from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, thus making himself the Devil (slanderer), and making Eve and Adam sinners. Thus, God did not initially place the Devil in the Garden of Eden, but, being proud, one of the high-ranking sons of God himself became one in this place. Therefore, to this day, the sphere of influence of the Devil is still the planet Earth, and the object of influence (training) is all the sinful humanity that came from those people.

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