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  1. In addition to a very impressive body of works by Roman Stoics, which are actively reprinted, the “Greek-Latin Cabinet” of Yu. A. Shichalin published a three-volume book “Fragments of Ancient Stoics”. Actually, the whole complex of stoic works is available.

    The most famous Roman Stoics are Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. In their writings, special attention is paid to the ethical problem (in fact, the most important works are the moral letters of Seneca and the notes of Marcus Aurelius, where he analyzes his own personality and the reality around him), while physics and logic (which developed in ancient Stoa) go by the wayside. Then it is worth noting that the stoicism of this period is characterized by a certain eclecticism. Seneca, for example, often quotes Epicurus, and in general he is interested in the problems that concern a person here and now: how and for what to live, how to respond to the challenges of time, how to cope with passions. It is interesting that in some aspects Seneca is close to the ideas of Christianity. The similarity was already found in ancient times, and in connection with this there was even an apocryphal correspondence between the philosopher and the Apostle Paul.

    You can read more here:

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