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  1. I studied for the Unified State Exam at school and passed it in 2014. How did I do it?

    1) Went to the city's Olympiad math class

    2) Solved problem books for MSU applicants

    3) Solved collections by Lysenko, Yashchenko and other authors

    4) I watched various analyses on YouTube, then there were not so many of them

    5) Solved problems from Reshuege and Alekslarin

    I must say right away, these methods have a place to be, but not the most effective. Now I work as a math teacher and prepare students using slightly different methods:

    1) First you need to write several different trial versions, evaluate your level

    2) We learn to solve the first part to the ideal: we take a specific number, study the necessary theory for it, and solve all possible types of problems, for example, on the RESHUEGE website, but do not forget to solve the first part completely at least once every week, this is necessary in order not to forget the material we have passed

    3) We look at examples of solving the second part and try to decide for ourselves, but it's better to follow the manuals that I collected in the cart. It's also a good way to watch streams and video selections on YouTube. If no problems are given, then you can start geometry with the problems of the first and second parts of Gordin, and you can also start others with simpler ones.

    4) You can choose an online course to prepare for the Unified State Exam.

    In fact, when preparing for the Unified State Exam, there is no universal method, it all depends on the initial knowledge and abilities. If you still have any questions, write to me and I'll tell you.

  2. My children both haven't passed yet, we are preparing together:) We do an elective language class at school, and my daughter also watches movies. Last year, before the regional Olympiad, then the city Olympiad, she studied with tutors from Tetrica, we really liked the results, and the second place at the city Olympiad. I think we'll start working there again next month. Well, my daughter also communicates with a girl from America, also speech training.

  3. If there are gaps in knowledge, then the best option is a tutor. My daughter couldn't figure out math at all, she started it in the 5th-6th grade, and then she didn't understand anything. So we turned to the tutor, surprisingly, in six months she made up for what she hadn't mastered in 3 years. I would recommend contacting tutortech here.

  4. I've never understood people who prepare for the Unified State Exam in a YEAR (Are you idiots?).

    Initially, I planned that before the exams, I would read the tasks in 2 weeks and get up to speed.

    It turned out that I entered the university for the Olympiad, and I didn't really care about the Unified State Exam. As a result, I passed Russian at 96, mathematics at 90, English at 84 (I didn't prepare for it at all). Of course, I was influenced by the fact that I went to a good school, but even without this, I would have passed everything by 80 points for sure – the tasks are so simple that they are made as if for the mentally retarded.

    Probably, it was possible to pass better, but why? There are many much more interesting things I can do.

  5. I went through the program with tutors, solved CMMs of previous years, repeated the theory 2 days before each exam, etc.

    It is important to be able to relax before the exam, it helps to think more clearly.

    And the results are actually here:

    Russian language 81/100

    Math(basic) 18/20

    Social studies 64/100

    History 54/100

    English 90/100

    What is most interesting, I didn't really care about the result of English, because I passed it for myself

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