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  1. Venus, I know very little about this topic. But I read in FB a very good psychologist, this is Viktor Kagan

    facebook.com-and for him, autism is one of the professional areas. The other day, he posted a link to a large article – I think this is a detailed answer to your question.

    “Rain Man”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Terribly loud and extremely close” and other works of pop culture under the merciless magnifying glass of truth.

  2. It is about an autistic child that there is one very entertaining fiction book – “The Mysterious nighttime murder of a dog”. There the main character is an autistic boy. And, it shows the perception of a young person in such a way that you will be surprised, especially if you imagine everything you read in your head. Sometimes it gets really creepy, sometimes it's fun, when a guy throws up a sweat from fear of the subway where he ended up, my head turned cold. And, as the author said in the afterword, he collected material about the behavior of such children, did not invent it. It even seems to have an answer to the second question. Therefore, I recommend reading the book-feel like an autistic person for two days. That's where you'll find the answers.

    There's even a play based on the book. Photos from it.

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