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  1. I have been asking this question at least once a week for the second year now) from my own experience, I can say that it is not realistic to fly out. There are two options: study, and the more, the better. The second option (just mine): live normally, do a certain mandatory minimum of homework and other work, and then go crazy and learn all the tickets, or study with a teacher for two or three days in a row almost without a break, and then go to the exam with shaking knees, praying that the studied topic will come across. Another option is to sit down with a smart classmate (increases the chances of passing at least two), so sleight of hand, good relations with classmates and a little impudence will definitely not be superfluous) so far, the system has not failed, and I really hope that it will not fail)) In general, Thank you for the absence of blocking ratings!) without this, it would be much harder to survive in the Tower) good luck!)

  2. This is a very burning question for you, as I understand it. Well, it's pretty easy not to fly out of the Tower. All that is required of you is not to forget about studying at all.

    Although I hate this university, despite the fact that I study there myself, I must admit that the HSE has everything necessary to keep students in its bosom: a system of accumulating grades, a system of automatic payments for more or less active work in the module, 3 opportunities to pass the exam (passing, retaking and commission) and even an IEP (individual curriculum), if you completely failed the session.

    Go for it!

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