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  1. Dear Eva, hello !

    Being a lobbyist is difficult. This requires access to decision makers and the ability to make concrete political and economic decisions. If you still have connections in the information services and legal field, then you will have every chance to become a professional lobbyist. And the rest depends only on you and on the reaction of decision makers to your words and deeds.

    I studied at Moscow State University and in my 4th year became connected with leaders from all over the world. In my 5th year, I became a consultant to UNEP, UNESCO, UNIDO, FAO, WHO, IAEA, and the IMF, and politics around the world depended on my opinion. And in 1985, I finished my studies at Moscow State University and became a regular consultant to the Gen.The leaders of all states were obliged to consider the UN Secretary-General and my proposals as a matter of priority. That's how, by chance, at the age of 25, I became a lobbyist, and before the Sochi Olympics, I helped our country in any way I could. Now I am an ordinary disabled pensioner.

    I'm only 60 years old and I don't play politics anymore. I was terribly tired, and many times I was near death. Now I relax and remember 10,000 projects completed in 128 countries around the world. In 1989, I met Vladimir Putin in Dresden. 10 years later, I sent my recommendations to the UN for Vladimir Putin to take up the post of President of Russia, and Boris Yeltsin implemented the UN recommendation. This is Lobbying at the highest level. And the people of Russia in 2000 confirmed the choice of their President. This is our Democracy.

    I will be glad to hear back from you, Eva, and start contacting and communicating.

    I wish you a Happy New Year !!!

    Sincerely, Andrey Smolin, consultant from A. N. Kosygin to V. V. Putin

    [email protected]

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