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  1. I wrote a text about it a few years ago. Sorry for the many letters.�

    10 tips for novice captains

    1. Do not confuse the functions of captain and team administrator. Some people are better at putting together a team for a game or training session. For others, you can direct the discussion and select versions. There is no need to confuse these tasks, they can and even should be entrusted to different people. We are talking about the captain, the person who gives the answers and leads the team during the game itself.
    2. Assign roles. Main roles – 2. One player holds the question form, the other (or others) take notes on the text. There are even more complicated ones. You can assign someone responsible for certain types of questions – “to school”, “meta-questions”, hidden abbreviations. Let them test each question in their mind to see if it belongs to one of these types. But the last role is for experienced teams. Put the “form holder” and “synoptician” next to you so that you can have access to their notes at any time. Put the best version generators in front of you so that you can have visual contact with them.
    3. Your main task is to hear all the versions and choose the best one. So-listen, listen to everyone, not a single word should escape you. Listen carefully to the question itself, look for hidden hints, immediately come up with possible moves for promotion, write down the most important things. Stop the slightest conversations while reading the question. �
    4. Direct the discussion. Ask them to “throw” what you need for promotion. At the same time, do not forget to “shut up” too many speakers. Let them know that you've heard their version. Don't let the discussion dry up, if there is no deafening clicking version, make the command generate more.
    5. Spend the first 10-15 seconds trying to find the answer yourself. At the same time, do not forget to listen. Then pay more attention to conducting the team. The last 10 seconds is the ultimate concentration, this is your main job – choosing the version. Say to yourself or out loud all the plausible versions that are at the table, there are usually not very many of them. And choose the right one!
    6. Sometimes, in the middle of a discussion, it becomes clear that the correct version is already on the table. Ask the team to stop generating new versions and help with the selection process. Let them briefly defend or criticize existing versions: it will be easier for you to choose.
    7. How do I choose when there are several suitable versions? If someone knew the exact recipe, they would have long been a five-time world champion and had 10 crystal owls. Nevertheless, here's a tip: take the place of the author of the question. Why did he write such a question? Which answer makes the question more interesting? Take this one.
    8. Feel free to write a bad version if there are no good ones at all. Sometimes it's just a bad question, but it gets exactly the same score as a good one. And sometimes it's you who didn't understand something in the question. If there is one version at the table and you don't like it, this is not a reason not to pass it. Passing a dash or blank form is a sign of a captain's weakness. Hand in something, just in case you guess. Well, or at least grab a prize for a funny answer.
    9. Couldn't choose from multiple versions? Is the team unhappy? Forget it! The next question is already being played. You will reflect during the break, and even better-after the end of the game. Just force yourself to put the previous question out of your mind. A captain is about iron nerves, self-confidence, and a bit of tyranny. As long as you have the answer forms, you are in charge here, don't let anyone criticize you for not choosing. Remember: there are no captains who always choose correctly. You're a great captain if you manage to focus on a new question right away. If you don't succeed, give the forms to another person who is more stable psychologically.
    10. Thank the author of the correct version with a slap on the palm, or at least verbally. It's very inspiring.

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