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  1. In fact, if appearance is important to you, and you have a well-established idea of what a haircut should look like, then you need to use ALL the methods.

    1) Name. In fact, if you do not have something archexclusive, but rather often common, you will greatly facilitate the work of both yourself and the hairdresser. It remains only to clarify the details. How do I find out the name? How you will get your hair cut properly, do not hesitate to ask the master. If suddenly he doesn't know for some reason, then go to the Internet, where Tueva hoocha of books-textbooks of parikamakhersk art is laid out. Or on forums dedicated to hairdressing and haircuts, post photos (best of all, of course, your own from different angles), where you can see in detail how the hair lies, and ask for the name.�

    2) And if they haven't come up with one yet, ask them to write instructions in simple, accessible to any of their colleagues, but at the same time professional language on how to do what they need.(By the way, when I was a student, I really wanted something like what Wehrmacht soldiers wore, and we have young people in the late 1940s and early 1950s. BEFORE it became mainstream. Now, probably, it will be easily performed in any barbershop as “Hitler Youth” (not to be confused with “anderkat”), but then… Various experiments did not lead to anything good. Finally, after posting a photo of a man from 1950s films, and a photo of Hungarian state security officers before being shot during the 1956 revolution (it was clearly visible there, so it was clean), I asked on a hairdressing forum. And they explained, including, and how long they should be, so that this can be done at all. In principle, even before that, there was an instruction on hand from one of the reenactors ' forums. But they also confirmed to me that she would be understood. The irony is that by that time I was rather disappointed in this style, and the information was never useful). Then print out these instructions and come to the salon…

    3) Don't forget to grab your photos as well. One thing doesn't hurt the other.

    4) It's a good idea to remember some simple things like “thinning”, what the shape of the edging should be, etc. Do not hesitate to ask the barbers what they did and how to tell them to do it if you are in another place.

    5) Memorize both the name of the haircut (if it exists and is common) and all other details as a daily prayer.

  2. Better versatile photos of yourself with a good hairstyle can not come up in this case. Even if only part of the hairstyle is successful , you still need to take a picture of everything and describe where it is and where it is not. And constantly change the set of photos of hairstyles for more successful options.

  3. I am of the opinion that a hairdresser should be a professional, which means that he should not tell him how he should do his job. I say my wishes (mostly so that my hair doesn't interfere with me and I don't have to do a haircut for another half a year), and how he will achieve this is not particularly important to me. In the same way, I tell the same plumber what the problem is, and how to solve it is his task, and I don't see any point in interfering with it.

    I understand that my opinion may not be popular, but I have something to think about, in addition to choosing a hairstyle.

  4. A haircut is an important step in creating your own flawless image. Her choice depends on the natural structure of the hair, the size of the facial features and its shape. With the help of a hairstyle, you can adjust the proportions of the face and the image as a whole. Some even say that a good hairdresser can be an alternative to plastic surgery, because many” defects ” of the face are easily hidden by a proper haircut, this applies to the shape of the nose, the oval of the face, the shape of the ears and facial wrinkles on the forehead. But a haircut can not only hide all the shortcomings, but also, with an inept approach, emphasize them. EVERY hairdresser should know this. If the master asks you how to cut your hair, I recommend leaving immediately. The haircut takes into account: the shape of the face, head, quality and condition of the hair and your wishes. It's great if you emphasize the haircut with color.

  5. You need to learn to express your thoughts clearly and correctly( what do you want from a hairdresser)

    Next, and this is important-to know the capabilities of your hair. The picture will not help if you have thin and soft hair, but still not thick enough, and you show a photo of a girl with a luxurious square. Alas! It happens that way.

  6. First, understand for yourself what you want, if you already have a specific picture of your haircut in your head, then you can start explaining. First, simply tell him what you would like to avoid in the first place, and secondly, specify the length in detail, if you do not touch, then say “do not touch”, if it is 1-2 centimeters, then check the hairdresser at the moment of transition to the critical zone, for all this you will need to know what he will do with your hair at the moment, for this ask him No matter how banal it may sound, do not be afraid to talk to the master, stop, ask, the better you understand each other, the closer to your idea you will get a hairstyle. If you are shy and afraid of them, then you need a master who will either be able to guess what you need, or will ask you yourself without taking too long to work, but for such hairdressers you will have to pay more than for a haircut in a salon with a female name next to your house.

  7. It is best to download a photo with the desired hairstyle to your phone and show it to the master both to you and him/her so it will be much easier than if you try to describe the hairstyle in words. You can search for good hairdressers in Moscow via the website barb ru/msk-parikmakhery, and immediately look at examples of work.

  8. this is a direct kapets problem. Riley. i have. Every time I literally can't figure out how to explain it. usually everything merges to “do the same as now on the head only shorter”: (so in general, the eternal garbage on the head. in two aggregate states – slightly shorter and slightly longer.

  9. Find photos of the most similar haircuts from different angles and different styling, show them. Show on yourself, hair here, bangs here. Specify on which side you wear the parting, how you style your hair.

    The last time I asked for a “four-square cascade, but to be taken in the tail”. Don't bother with the terms, leave any boxing/semi-boxing/bob-square/balayage/heroyage to the professionals. Explain in simple and understandable words, and don't be afraid to make the master laugh. the main thing is to get your message across.

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