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  1. Sit by the window and watch the sounds of rain and birds singing on Youtube. In general, inspiration should come by itself, forcibly “bringing” it is ineffective. I usually wait for him, but sometimes you need to literally call him. It is for such cases that you should listen to the sounds of nature or look out the window.

  2. Inspiration personally comes to me when I'm tipsy, the mood is 100, friends are close, I'm full and I'm breathing deeply + warm messages from subscribers-it just charges a million!

  3. Inspiration comes when the tension subsides. It is hidden in pleasant little things that allow you to relax and smile. It can be a cup of coffee or a pleasant evening with friends. An interesting book or a walk through the evening city. A trip to the cinema, to the museum, to the exhibition. The best thing is to devote time to yourself and have a good rest. And inspiration will find you.

  4. Music helps me find inspiration, as well as a little exercise. If everything is really sad, I buy myself a lot of delicious food and watch the show. After that, the muse comes to me)

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