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  1. Good afternoon!

    The idea of purpose implies some kind of distribution system and some kind of Agent who decides how to distribute. Accordingly, nothing depends on the person in such a system: first, the distribution criteria are determined only by the Agent, and secondly, it is predetermined. This approach has its advantages, but there is no possibility to choose, and, as always with mysticism, everything is blurry and inaccurate.

    We have already written to you about how to find pleasant and useful activities, and this is great. I would also advise you to abandon the idea of “business for life”. First, people change, and so do their interests and hobbies. And secondly, you can enthusiastically and with great success take place in several areas, sometimes even at the same time. Give yourself the freedom to do what you want and when you want, to change this activity at any time to something more interesting. Having a goal is useful, being able to set it is an excellent skill, but it is equally important to be able not to let the “tail wag the dog”, not to define the whole life once assigned to the goal, adjust the goal, or even change it to another one if it spoils your life or you just want something else.

    I remembered such a Soviet film – “Draw”. There, the father talks with his graduate son about life and its goals and values. The son reproaches him for the fact that he has achieved little in comparison with his peers and says that he himself intends to live differently. His father reminds him that all these years he was happy because he lived as he wanted. He had time for family and hobbies. And that anyone who is going to devote his whole life to the moment of a brilliant finish should think about what will happen when he reaches it: “Here you are. I looked back and what was behind me? Friends, family, health? No – just a treadmill.”

    Choosing a business once and for all is a risk of limiting yourself, both in the happiness of living and in the choice of things that provide it. Live your life to the fullest, not with the click of a stopwatch on the treadmill.

  2. Good afternoon! The topic of purpose is very popular today, but some sources mistakenly believe that one person can have only one purpose.

    In fact, this is not true, each of us has many talents, and there may be several different purposes that may change over the course of our lives. Freedom to express yourself gives you a true opportunity to choose what you should devote your life to.

    To find your destination, you need to contact:

    1. What do you want to do?

    2. According to your talents, what do you do best?

    3. Compare your desires and your talents, where are there coincidences?

    4. To small steps, what do you need to do in order to start doing this business?

    That is, the purpose or mission is what we choose for ourselves. And the choice can be made when we begin to hear ourselves and follow our true desires.

  3. I see three options:

    1. Brute force

    Try everything that is possible and impossible, gradually crystallize the area and the activity that will bring the greatest satisfaction.

    2. By goal

    Perhaps there is some task / goal / business in which you see the meaning. Like giving all children the opportunity to get an education, rid the world of some disease, build a house, etc., that is, anything that, on the one hand, has a very deep meaning for you, but on the other hand, it is not possible to implement in one approach. That is, an approach in which you understand that “I did not live in vain”.

    3. By process

    Each person (except for possibly completely lazy and static characters) has some activity in which “time flies, I didn't have time to notice”. Very often, this is either something from childhood or from the beginning of a career, because a healthy person usually intuitively finds, if not directly the type of activity, then the sphere or field where he is really interested. A lively interest is in many ways life. Here you need to remember what it is – and try to return to it. If suddenly there is no such thing, there should still be something in which the process captures, time flies, and energy seems to only add up.

    There are still quite applied techniques that need to be done “by hand”, but since the question of economic feasibility is not set in the wording, I do not give them, you can get them on our free site… a joke)


  4. To find your purpose and favorite activity, it is important to understand several principles and take the necessary steps.


    • Everyone has their own talents and purpose

    • From birth, we have an understanding (connection) of this purpose at the level of feelings

    • Under the influence of circumstances, we lose this connection (understanding) with the purpose

    • But we can restore it using certain actions

    These principles will help you understand exactly how to find your life's work.


    • Understand yourself, understand your strengths and weaknesses, identify your talents, understand your psychotype, temperament and character

    • Train two feelings inside yourself (negative and positive) to determine the direction in any situation, whether it leads to your destination, or vice versa, moves away from it

    • Find your special mission. your own meaning, your own unique niche, where you can be realized as much as possible

    I tell you more about the methods of finding your destination in this video: https://youtu.be/KxE8pCHuJ2w

  5. Good afternoon.
    The business that you would like to do all your life should please you and bring positive emotions.

    If you can't decide which business you like best, then you can create a Natal Chart and see your predispositions to your favorite business, hobbies, career success and self-realization.

  6. No way. Be active. Show diverse interests, determination and consistency, try new things, develop as a person, and if you are lucky, this business will find you by itself.
    At a minimum, experience and impressions are guaranteed.
    And the exact recipe for what you are asking, humanity has not yet come up with. Science, so to speak, is not yet aware of the situation.

  7. I would suggest that you first answer the question-Why?

    Why ask yourself about one thing for the rest of your life?

    The world is large and diverse, so why set the framework of development in one direction in advance?

    Secondly, alas and ah, people lack the gift of foresight. Therefore, the search for some unknown business can steal your life time, during which you can find a lot of interesting things. And along the way, you look and stumble on the desired path. So instead of futilely thinking about the hazy future, it's better to focus on what's interesting right now. And, having been drawn in, form the very same thing for yourself. I.e., do not look for edlo, but form it.

    And one last thing. The most important pre-knowledge of a person is to be a parent. Parents!!! It is children, this is the most important thing that you need to do all your life! And everything else should be aimed at maintaining this vocation!

  8. Greetings.
    The question is of course eternal. It is important to everyone without exception!
    Someone finds it faster, someone searches all their life and does not find it.
    The second option is not our option!
    Therefore, it is necessary to find what first attracts the attention of your brain.
    What we are interested in, we also remember. This is how the brain communicates with us. He throws up ideas in which he would not be bored, and therefore easy for the psyche. If you ignore his ideas all the time, then depression will come, indifference to everything, and vital energy will come to naught!
    Therefore, we proceed as follows:
    We divide the notebook into columns. In the header of each column, we write fields of science or fields of activity and leave space for new columns. You can also do this in some form, say in Excel.
    After it, we put dots in columns, each next one is lower than the previous one. A dot indicates your specific knowledge from a specific field. Write only what you remember fully enough. You should not use the Internet. Anything that the brain doesn't remember isn't interesting to it.
    As a result, you get a schedule that will wander mainly in a particular scientific field or activity.
    It's a small matter to find the activity that covers the most dense part of the schedule.
    Good luck!🙏

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