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  1. If we are talking about communicating with the deaf, then the gestures presented in books and videos are just an alphabet. In communication, alphabetic gestures are rarely used, rather as in addition to verbal gestures. For example, if you straighten your palm horizontally, close your fingers, and touch your forehead and chin with your index finger without opening them, this is Dad. If you turn the same palm vertically with your fingers up and touch the index finger, first on the left cheek, then on the right, this is mom:) if you close your fist, straighten the closed index and middle fingers vertically up, and touch the tip of the index finger twice or thrice to the chin, this is a girl. There are gestures not only of words, but also of actions. Well, as without the mat, they also have gestures)). Deaf people usually use an alphabetic gesture to clarify or for a word that does not have a gesture, for example, some name. And of course, all this should be complemented by facial expressions. Often, good lip expressions can easily replace all gestures. The facial expressions of the lips should be clear, contrast, not fast, and they will understand everything:)

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