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  1. For several years in a row, games of the “intellectual bar Olympiad” format have been gaining popularity. This is something like a ChGK, only the teams gather in bars and cafes. You can view information about the projects “Club 60 seconds”, moZgva, Mozgoboynya, Quiz, Mozgva and many others. So, visit similar games and learn how to play CHGK.

  2. In cities all over Russia, there is a “Black Square”.

    This is an intellectual club for teams, where anyone can take part. We need to assemble a team of 5-6 people.

    The questions there are interesting, which you really think about, some of the “What?Where?When”.

    In my city, some people have been playing since 2001.

    Try to find it in your city. It's the same ” What?Where?When?”

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