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  1. Now there are a lot of free video tutorials on Youtube and other sites, but the material there is not structured, there are many different typos. To avoid this problem, you can prepare for webinars, they are cheaper than a tutor and the teacher has more time to explain all the material in detail. If you need a preparation plan for the Unified State Exam, you can download it at this link: https://vk.com/app5898182_-72614488#s=1365481

  2. You need to evaluate your knowledge (and “everyone has it, only at “different levels”), make a plan of action.
    The easiest way to start is with the official FIPI materials:

    • demos;
    • codifier with�task description;
    • A specification that explains how tasks will be evaluated on the Unified State Exam.

    Lists are needed for each of the two mandatory exams. One” – with”questions that the student knows well (or can prepare themselves). The second one is for “those points that cause some difficulties, they” need to be paid attention to. The third one is the most difficult tests: topics or types of problems that the student does not understand at all or does not know how to solve.

    1. Be aware of the fact that there is not much time before the Unified State Exam. In one or two years, you need to master the entire school curriculum, and in some cases (specialized mathematics, physics) go beyond the scope of school knowledge. Talk to your parents, teachers, and friends, and listen to yourself so that you don't make a mistake when choosing a subject. Some of my classmates were dragging their feet until the last moment, and as a result, they lost precious time. � �

    2. Evaluate your knowledge

    3. It should be understood that the approaches to training are different, depending on the subject.�

    P.S is a small lyrical digression�

    So, I passed basic mathematics, history, Russian language and social studies. I can only talk about preparing for these exams.


    1. Read the evaluation criteria (available on FIPI) to understand what the reviewers want from you

    2. On history, you should read Orlov's textbook ( available in VK in audio format). This book outlines the basic school theory. You should also view a course of lectures from the portal “History of the Russian Federation “ or MSU lectures

    3. Solve tests to solve the Unified State Exam and Dunno. There are explanations of tasks, you can ask a question.

    4. The most important part of the Unified State Exam in history is the essay. Choose one period (for example, 1689-1917) and write all the essays on this period.�

    5. A huge number of high-quality texts are available on the website “Arzamas”, which will help you with the preparation (for example).

    6. Video from�Rosobrnadzor. The essence of the exam will be explained to you�

    Russian language

    1. Learn the theory. The Russian language exam is quite simple. Combined and separate spelling of NOT, writing of N and NN, and so on. All this information is available in school textbooks (accents and paronyms can be downloaded on FIPI). It is also worth noting (if you are not satisfied with the school textbook) that the theory of �is available on the Unified State Exam (the authors analyzed a lot of questions and wrote only the most necessary ones) �

    2. To write an essay, read one large work (for example, “Crime and Punishment”), as there are a huge number of arguments (love, loyalty, etc.). It is worth noting that this site posted a list of short stories that will be useful when writing an essay (I used one of them in my essay). List

    1. Take two or three tests a day.�

    2. If you are too lazy to read books, then on the site “Polka ” there are many texts about the classics of Russian literature�

    Social Studies

    1. Tests for solving the Unified State Exam

    2. Check out the специфик specification and код codifier that are available on FIPI. There you will learn what regulations you need to study and where graduates make the most mistakes.

    3. School textbooks on law and economics (by law, the author is Pevtsova, but I don't remember the author in economics)


    There is nothing complicated in the Unified State Exam. In the age of the Internet, all the necessary information can be found in the public domain. The most important thing is consistency. Try to prepare yourself every day.

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